Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf

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Lee-Ann By SuicidalQueenRules Completed

Jamie, small, fragile, a major nerd.

Ross, tall, strong, a major jock.

Jamie is a runaway, he ran from the place that tortured him for being different and ended up in a different pack.

Ross, the soon to be Alpha has yet to meet his mate, Jamie just happens to get captured by his pack.

What will happen?

shoey102 shoey102 Jun 01
Then why didn't they have you dye your hair and have colored contacts?
My name is and I'd just like to take a moment to thank you for not spelling it Jaime because it kills me inside
At first I thought Yang Xiao Long and Blake Belladonna. Now I'm thinking Juzzou. I watch too much anime
SavageTITI SavageTITI Apr 20
Sorry but I have too, "rouge" mean "red" in French, it's rogue.
Quillina Quillina Jun 30
My ex boyfriend was like that. He rarely spoke or interacted with people other than myself and his brother.
I'm a selective mute in school cause I use to be bullied to the point of receiving death threats, so now I will only talk to friends and sometimes teachers, but when other people try to talk to me I go silent and basically crawl into an invisible shell and won't speak for the rest of the week