Chapter 9

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Alpha Roderick looked over at Alpha Riggs.

"The boy doesn't know his heritage, he's been with the Ice Moon Pack all his life and they abused him." Alpha Roderick sighed.

"That's terrible." Alpha Riggs frowned. "Is there anything you need to know, I studied Arctic wolfs for a long time. I probably know more about his abilities then he does."

"His name is Jamie and yes, he almost shifted a day ago. He had fangs and claws, but he wasn't full wolf." Roderick took a deep breath. "Why is that?"

Riggs nodded. "Arctic wolfs can only shift fully when they turn 18, Jamie must be close to his 18th birthday."

"Why don't they shift like normal?"

"Arctic Wolfs are special, they hold off until the body is 18 so the body can take the pain. Their wolfs are actually very large and very fast." Riggs explained.

"His features?" Roderick asked, curious.

"White hair symbolizes the Arctic blood, but the eyes the purple eyes I never read about them. Though, I heard from elders that werewolves with different eyes have the greatest gifts, or even multiple." Riggs shrugged.

"Jamie's really special isn't he?" Roderick smiled.

"Yep." Riggs smiled back. "Oh and the way he was clinging to your son, I think they might be mates."

"Really?" Roderick raised his eyebrows, he had no problem with it he was just surprised.

"Yeah." Riggs nodded. "Oh an before I forget, don't let him fall into the wrongs hands. If that boy shifts while he's angry, he might start a blood bath."

"Hey how strong do you think he will be?" Roderick questioned.

"Given his size, he could wipe out the entire Ice Moon Pack by himself wen if they all came at him at once." Riggs smiled. "I will read more about different eyes and colors, and will keep you updated."

"Thanks Riggs."

"Welcome Roderick."

Alpha Riggs left.

Alpha Roderick followed him, but stopped at the movie room where he saw Jamie snuggled up to his son smiling.

They were mates, but they had to wait till their 18th birthday to find out.

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