Chapter 14

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Jamie's prov.

I was going I run away.

My luck, Ross woke up.

"Jamie? You okay?" Ross asked, turning on the lamp.

I shook my head no, even though I wanted to nod I couldn't lie to Ross.

"Nightmare?" Ross asked.

It was a nightmare, Tex came back and killed him and Andy.

I nodded.

"Want me to hold you?" Ross questioned.

I blushed.

Ross realized how weird that sounded. "Only because it helps!"

I nodded,

Ross opened up the covers and I climbed in, thankfully his bed was big enough for the two of us.

"Jamie, I just want you to know that whenever you trust us enough to talk we will all be here for you." Ross told me.

I nodded and snuggled into the blankets and pillows, as Ross went to his side.

My mind wandered off to the dream.

'Jamie please!'

'Kalle kill them.'

'Precious Arctic Wolf.'

What was an Arctic Wolf?

I shook my head, then the thought of Kalle came back to me.

She was the first one to start my abuse, and she was gifted. If she looked at you she could make you feel extreme pain to where you can die.

"You seemed scared." Ross stated bringing me out of my daze.

He put his arm around me pulling me close to his chest, he was warm and had a protective vibe.

I felt safe, and honestly I trusted Ross.

"Hey guess what?" Ross nudged me.

I turned and looked over at him curious.

"We found out your birthday, we share a birthday! Heads up, our birthday is in two days." Ross smiled at me.

I nodded. My real birth day.


"Good night Jamie." Ross smiled at me.

I smiled back, and snuggled into Ross's arms.

When I woke up, Andy barged into the room. Surprised to see us sleeping together.

"He had a nightmare." Ross explained to her.

"Sure... Anyways you two get ready, Ice Moon pack is here and they want Jamie back, they are even planning to go to war over Jamie." Andy told us.

With that we both quickly got dressed and rushed down stairs, Old Alpha an Old Beta was there.

"Jamie!" Old Alpha smiled at me.

I looked down.

"Tex told us all about your half shifting, your pathetic." Old Beta growled at me.

"Pathetic? You know what he is." Alpha Roderick growled back.

"He shouldn't deserve to be one." Old Alpha stated.

"Be what?" Ross asked.

"An Arctic Wolf, they were all suppose to die out. When we found him in the woods, we were hoping to make him our weapon but the boy has no muscle." Old Alpha glared at me.

Arctic wolf? I still have no clue what that means.

"Jamie could take you all down on his birthday you know it." Alpha Roderick hissed.

I gulped and shook my head no, I couldn't even shift let alone take on one of these guys.

"The boy doesn't seem to agree, let me guess you haven't even told him yourself yet either?" Old Beta chuckled.

"Me and Jamie will talk later, you and your pack can leave." Alpha Roderick hissed an order.

The both of them turned and walked, leaving me to give a questioning look to my Alpha, along with Ross and Andy.

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