Chapter 6

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Jamie's prov.

I was in my human form, but I had werewolf fangs, and claws.

"Jamie, you can't shift fully?" Ross was surprised, I was too.

I thought I had shifted into my wolf form but no, the transformation only went halfway.

"Pack doctor is here!" A woman shouted as she pushed past the people in the hallway.

She stopped and stared at me. "Oh my..."

I grabbed onto Ross who was holding me back.

She crouched down beside me, and lifted up my chin and pried open my mouth.

She then, took a flash light and flashed it in my eyes.

"Okay." The pack doctor stated. "My name is Theta, what's yours?"

"His name is Jamie." Ross told her.

"Can't speak?"

"Chooses not to."

"Okay, Jamie this is going to hurt but Ross is going to help you." Theta told me.

Ross shot her a confused look.

"It's obvious the boy trusts you." Theta stated.

It was true, me and him became good friends in the short time we known each other.

Ross nodded.

"Okay, Jamie imagine your human form." Theta instructed.

I closed my eyes and imagined my self.

"Concentrate on your human form, then count to thirty." Theta told me.


When I opened my eyes, I felt normal again.

"You did it, but don't get angry again it could cause this type of transformation again." Theta instructed.

"How long can he not get angry for?" Andy asked, looking at me.

"For at least a month." Theta answered.

"That should be easy, but what made him change?" Alpha asked.

"Anger, fear, anything." Theta shrugged. "For some reason, his emotions are all messed up right now. Keep an eye on him."

So the pack doctor also has a gift, she can since emotions.

"Ross, Andy, both of you watch Jamie. His old pack is after him and we can't let him fall into harms way again." Alpha stated.


Why did they care so much?

Sure I am a member of their pack but they can't possibly care for me that much, all I am doing is causing them trouble.

"Jamie, let's go to bed. You need sleep." Ross stated, I nodded and got up making my way upstairs.

When we got into the bed room, I walked to my bed and moved the notebook and pen to the nightstand.

Ross took off his pants and climbed in bed, not feeling comfortable I quickly got in bed as well.

'Boys I got patrols surrounding the mansion, Ross if anything happens protect Jamie.' Alpha told us through mind link.

I grabbed my notepad quickly, Ross gave me a look.

'Why do you guys want to protect me?' I wrote, and tossed it to Ross.

He read it an threw it back to me. "Your a member of our pack, we always protect our pack."

I nodded.

I sat my notepad and pen back down and got under the covers.

"Goodnight Jamie." Ross sighed.

I sent him a mental picture of sleeping and then a mental picture of him.

He chuckled before closing his eyes and falling asleep, and surely I fell in his footsteps.

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