Chapter 4

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Jamie's prov.

I walked out of the bathroom, wearing Ross's clothes. At the same time Ross turned and looked at me.

"Your hair is really white isn't it? Your eyes are really purple too?" Ross questioned me.

I nodded, tugging on the bottom of the shirt and sitting on the bed.

"I like it, it makes you yourself. No one can copy that." Ross smiled at me.

I blushed, but forced the blush away and looked down.

"It's not time for bed yet, you want to play some video games? Then dinner will be served, then we can sleep." Ross rambled to me.

I nodded.

Ross smiled and motioned for me to sit on his bed with him, I did slowly, then he handed me a controller.

"What game?" He asked holding out three.

Minecraft, advance warfare, and Mario cart.

I shrugged, hoping he would get the point that I never played video games before.

All I had to entertain my self was chores and the occasional book if I was lucky.

"Let me guess never got to play games before?"

I nodded.

"Let's play Mario Cart. It's a racing game, and fairly easy to play. Tilt the controller left to go left, and right to go right. Tilting it forward will help you go faster, and press A to jump." Ross explained, as he set everything up.

We ended up playing a couple rounds before dinner, Ross won them all.

When we walked down for dinner, twenty more people were all in the kitchen.

Great. More people to laugh at me, and be abusive towards me.

"It's okay." Ross told me, he looked happy by people.

"Andy!" Ross shouted.

Soon Andy was beside us.

"Awe! Jamie totally looks like a uke!!! Ross your defiantly the Seme!" Andy squealed.

I gave her a strange look.

"Don't listen to Andy, she's crazy." Ross told me.

"Am not!" Andy pouted.

The way they get along they probably would be mates.

"Are too! Stop blabbering about your fan fiction and help Jamie get a plate of food." Ross ordered, Andy shot him a glare.

"Come on Jamie." Andy grabbed my hand dragging me to the line.

I felt nervous, surrounded by so many people.

"It's okay, if Ross and the Alpha like you they won't question you." Andy smiled at me.

I nodded and copied Andy's movements, grabbing a plate getting what she got a nodding in thanks.

"Hey Andy! Who's that?" A rough sorta guy came up to us, everything about him was screaming 'try me'.

"This is Jamie! He's mute so be nice!" Andy smiled at the guy, not even scared of the guy.

"Hi Jamie, my name is David." David introduced himself.

I nodded and smiled.

"Okay, come on Jamie this way." Andy motioned, we sat next to complete strangers.

But to Andy, it was like she was reunited with old friends.

I tugged on her shirt to get her attention.

"What is it?" Andy asked.

I sent her the mental image of a bathroom and she smiled at me. "Down the hall, second door on your left."

I nodded and got up, making my way towards the bathroom.

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