Chapter 15

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Jamie's prov.

"Jamie as you probably guessed your an Arctic Wolf, and what that means is you don't shift fully until your eighteenth birthday." Alpha Roderick told me.

"Wow." Ross answered for me.

"Does that explain his eyes?" Andy asked.

"No, Alpha Riggs is suppose to help figure that part out." Alpha Roderick sighed. "But I do know, he could have multiple gifts."

I shook my head, I wasn't special enough for that.

"Is there any Arctic Wolfs left he can go to to find out more about himself?" Ross asked.

Alpha Roderick frowned. "I am afraid he's the only one left, alive."

I bit my lip.

I am different, the rest of my kind was probably killed for being different.

"Alpha Roderick!" A familiar voice yelled knocking on the door.

"That's Alpha Riggs." Alpha Roderick told us, opening the door and letting him in.

"I found out what the eyes mean." Alpha Rigs breathed heavily.

Then his eyes landed on me. "Shit sorry, didn't know the kid was here with you."

"He knows Alpha Riggs now, tell me what the eyes mean." Alpha Roderick

"Well I searched it up and usually eyes associate with emotions, red eyes meaning anger, yellow meaning nervous, pink meaning happy, and purple meaning love." Alpha Riggs paused. "Most werewolves with different colored eyes don't unlock the their power until they feel that certain emotion."

"So, Jamie needs to fall in love?" Ross asked.

I looked at Ross, I could do that. I was already falling in love with him.

"Yes, when is his birthday? Maybe meeting his mate will speed it up?" Alpha Riggs asked us.

"Tomorrow." Ross answered.

"Jamie shares a birthday with you?" Alpha Riggs questioned.

"Yep." Ross smiled at me.

"Back to powers, what kind could he possibly have?" Alpha Roderick asked.

"Purple usually deals with the mind, so I am guessing he would have powers dealing with the mind." Alpha Riggs shrugged looking at me. "Hope you two boys find your mates tomorrow."

"Me too." Ross nodded.

Andy and Ross were probably mates.

"Hey when you two find your mates tell me, so then we can all have a triple date." Andy smiled.

"Oh yeah! I almost forgot you had a mate Andy." Ross smiled at her, then turned to me. "I believe you meet her mate, my future beta David."

I almost broke out into a happy dance, Ross wouldn't be mates with Andy!

I nodded.

"I believe David is waiting for me, bye guys!" Andy waved goodbye.

2 hours later me and Ross where back up in our room.

"I can't wait tell I meet my mate! I wonder what they are like!" Ross smiled, I smiled too.

He was happy that he was going to meet his mate, someone that would make him happy.

I should be happy also, but I am not. I can't be happy without Ross, and when he gets his mate and he kisses and holds them it will hurt me deeply.

I smiled and walked outside the room, Ross knew I was heading to the kitchen for a snack.

What I didn't expect in the kitchen was to get my head covered with a black bag type of cloth, and someone drag me out of the house.

And for some reason I couldn't mind link anyone.

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