Chapter 16

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Ross's prov.

I woke up smelling the scent of something amazing.

I opened my eyes only to see Jamie wasn't in the room with me.

'Wheres our mate?!' My wolf basically yelled at me.

That scent was Jamie's scent.

Jamie was my mate!

I smiled then it quickly turned to a frown, Jamie wasn't anywhere near me or I would have been able to sense him.

"Dad!" I screamed.

My dad was in my room in less then a minute.

"Where's Jamie?!" I practically yelled at him.

"We don't know." He answered me. "His mind link was cut off this morning."

"You knew my mate was missing and you didn't wake me up?!" I shouted, I probably waking everyone up in the mansion,

"He's not really missing, the Ice Moon pack took him." My dad told me.

I stormed passed him walking down stairs, Andy happened to be in the hallway.

"Meet your mate yet?" Andy asked me.

"It's Jamie and he's missing." I growled, she looked happy about my mate being Jamie but shocked that he was missing. "The Ice Moon Pack took him."

I was pissed, so instead of yelling I punched the hallway wall breaking it.

"Calm down son, we know where they took him." My father told me.

"Where?" I asked.

"They will meet us in an hour in the middle of the field ten miles from here." My dad told me.

"Let's leave now." I was going to shift out of anger if I didn't see my mate soon.

1 hour later and I was pacing around in the field, waiting for them to show up with my mate.

"Look!" David stated pointing to a truck driving up with a couple wolfs following behind it.

I could see the white hair from here.

'Mate!' My wolf growled, I wanted Jamie back so bad.

Two men, I recognized as Jamie's old Alpha an Beta stepped out of the truck dragging Jamie with them.

"Give me Jamie back now." I growled at them.

"Why? He's ours." The Beta smirked.

"No he's mine." I growled, I saw Jamie look at me with wide eyes.

He must be shocked we are mates.

"You have to take him from me." Said a familiar voice.


I growled fuming with rage.

I shifted and charged at him, he did the same. Our packs followed our lead, but they left Jamie guarded.

I wanted, no needed Jamie back.

I slowly came to a stop in front of Tex, we circled each other until Tex pounced.

He bit my leg, I kicked him off and scratched his face.

I growled and snapped at him, Jamie was mine and only mine.

Somehow, I got kicked and thrown over to the side.

Tex shifted and put on his shorts laughing at my struggle to get up, I wanted to kill that guy.

"Kalle kill him." Tex commanded.

A red headed girl came into view, I could see Jamie struggling in the background.

She stared at me and my skin was on fire, it was painful I was howling in pain.

I could feel myself dying from the pain, it was killing me.

I would die before I ever got to hold my mate as mine.

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