Chapter 18

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Jamie's prov.

Tex whined under my paw.

I growled and snapped at his neck, my wolf put more pressure on the paw causing Tex to whine and expose his neck.

He submitted.

My wolf took his paw off of Tex, then looked at the rest of Tex's pack and growled deeply and dangerously.

They all looked down, submitting to me.

They wouldn't dare cross me, I beat their Alpha. The strongest one in their pack.

I shifted and for some reason I was still wearing clothes, I didn't care though I ran to Ross's side.

He already shifted back to human form but he was naked, I didn't dare to look at that part of him yet.

"You talked." Ross smiled.

"Yeah I did." I smiled at him, looking at his wounds.

They weren't healing, but his life force was a little stronger.

"Don't die." I told him, I held his hand.

Ross smiled at me. "Your eyes are glowing."

I couldn't care less, but the more I looked at him his life force got stronger and healthier.

When he was at his full health, he pouted. "Your eyes stopped glowing."

I looked down at his wounds. Thank god they were healing, he would live.

"Coming through!" I heard Theta shout, she ran up to me and Ross.

"Wow Jamie dang you can manipulate life forces? Okay, not important right now but hold his hand this is going to hurt. I only got to put his bone back in place." Theta instructed.

I grabbed Ross's hand feeling sparks go through my body, he squeezed it as Theta placed the bone back.

"That hurt." Ross laughed.

I laughed to.

"You should heal nicely, thankfully Jamie stopped Kalle in time and got by your side soon enough." Theta sighed.

"What can I say? My mate is amazing." Ross smiled at me.

I blushed. "Ross you do accept me right?"

"Of course." Ross told me sitting up, wincing at his hurt arm. "Why wouldn't i?"

I shrugged. "You might not want me."

"I want you, scratch that I need you Jamie." Ross looked me in the eye, he placed a hand behind my neck and brought our lips together. We fought for dominance and he won, what can I do?

I like submitting, but only to him. Ross explored my mouth and I moaned into his mouth.

When we separated our foreheads pressed together,

"Okay you two, enough lovey." Andy smiled at us, I wrapped my self into the side of Ross that didn't have the hurt arm.

"Andy honey don't ruin their moment." David grabbed her hand.

Ross chuckled beside me and kissed my cheek. "I love you."

I blushed and smiled from beside him. "I love you too."

My old pack had retreated by now, an I knew they were never going to come back.

"Happy birthday." Ross told me.

"Happy birthday to both of us." I smiled back at him. "And I have your present ready when we get home."

Ross bit his lip. "I can't wait to un rap it."

I shook my head. "Goof ball."

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