Alphas Little Omega

Alphas Little Omega

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Meet Ben, the omega of the Red Forrest pack. This pack doesn't treat their omegas badly because their omegas, everyone is treated fairly. Ben is gay, small, shy, and timid. He hates the spot light. He's scared to have a mate because he fears they will reject him. I mean who would want a small, stuttering, scared and used omega? So what happens when it's the soon-to-be-alphas 18th  birthday comes up?

Meet James, the soon-to-be-alpha of the Red Forrest pack. He gets whatever he wants and would break you of you ever thought about hurting anyone he cares about. He's gay, big, outgoing, athletic, and an over achiever. He loves attention but is not stuck up. He can't wait until his 18th birthday so he can find his mate. 

James is super protective of his family, so what happens when someone starts to take an interest in his mate?

Hannah_AnnafellowsBB Hannah_AnnafellowsBB Nov 25, 2016
Hay I take offense to that (even though I shouldn't because demons don't have genders but hey, why not I'm like to complain)
TheReadAndTheWritten TheReadAndTheWritten Dec 26, 2016
Omg this can be a rap song or something ..... Try it .... Lol ....
I'm a feckin lesbian. Give me them ladies parts. My fingers are skilled ;;;;D
PoeticMusic PoeticMusic Jan 10
I swear that's ALL ADULTS SAY when the truth is they ain't jealous they just have no soul
whoistaylin whoistaylin Jan 09
Did no one notice he said his dad gave birth to him. Just me?........ okay
Mia_dmk Mia_dmk Dec 16, 2016
The story looks good so far and i love the characteristics of ben And the other characters as well ;)