Chapter 13

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Jamie's prov.

When I woke up I was in my bed, and Ross and Andy are in the room also.

"Andy I think it's a memory." Ross sighed.

"He would have been all blush and stuff if it was." Andy countered.

"Andy it's to real to be a dream! I kissed Jamie! Kissed another guy! I don't even know if he's my mate!" Ross told Andy. "I can't get attached to him! What would happen if I had someone else for a mate?"

That broke me.

He doesn't want me, I can tell.

"Ross..." Andy trailed off, she could probably tell I was awake.

"I can't, I want him out of my room." Ross stated.

I bit my lip, roping off my covers and storming out of the room. Tears streaming down my face.

He didn't want me.

He never did.

That kiss was a mistake.

'Jamie please comeback!' Andy yelled after me in the mind link.

Ross didn't even care enough to mind link me himself.

I ran.

Out the door, into the woods. 10 minutes later I found a river, I sat down next to it crying.

I will never be loved, I probably will never will have a mate.

"Hey sexy." I looked up to find Tex, he was standing there across the river.

I sniffled standing up about ready to run.

"What? You going to run back? They don't like you, they don't want you. Come with me." Tex told me.

It was true, they don't like me, let alone want me.

I nodded walking towards Tex.

"Jamie!" Ross voice shouted, he was close.

I turned towards the voice, I wanted to go towards him and still be friends.

"You really going to trust them? They just want to use you." Tex told me.

"Jamie please!" Ross and Andy shouted together.


Those two would probably be mates together.

"Jamie I don't want you to move out of the room!" Ross shouted, I turned towards his voice and started walking towards his voice.

"No!" Tex yelled, he grabbed my arm and yanked me towards him. Covering my mouth.

Ross and Andy, came from behind the trees.

They saw me, still in a shirt and shorts from bed, being held against my will by Tex.

"Hello again." Tex smiled at them.

Ross looked at the both of us. "Let him go, he's in our pack not yours."

"Kalle." Tex smiled, and girl came out from the corner of my eye.

Red bright hair and red eyes, a girl with different colored eyes.

"Do it." Tex nodded.

She looked at them both and they started screaming in pain.

I thrashed against Tex's arms.

"Come with me and Kalle will stop." Tex bribed me.

I nodded furiously.

They still screamed in pain.

I still thrashed.

"Kill them Kalle they will only get in the way of our precious Arctic Wolf." Tex told her, I thrashed tears raced down my face as Ross and Andy screamed.

Why wasn't the pack helping them? Coming for their rescue?

Andy stopped screaming and dropped down to the ground, Ross soon followed after.


Jamie's prov.

I woke up with a start, heavily breathing with Ross in his bed still asleep.

I looked at the clock beside me.

3:52 am.

Slowly, I got out of bed. Maybe, I should run away. Away, from them to protect them.

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