Chapter 1

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Jamie's prov.

I ran. Not fast enough because I could not shift. You heard right, I said shift. I am a werewolf and I just ran from my pack.

They have been abusing me since I showed up on my door, when I was a baby. It's not because I randomly showed up, its because of my White hair and my strange purple eyes.

Also because I can't shift, your supposed to be able to shift when your born so you can become stronger. But I can't, I am stuck in my human form trying to run.

My shifting and my looks probably wasn't the only reasons they abused me, I also don't speak. I am mute, mute who can talk but I choose not to.

Last time I talked, I was only a child and I barley remembered it. Since, it was before I was took in by those abusers.

Luckily, I am fast. Fast enough to get away from them by stumbling into another packs territory.

Soon, I was tackled and thrown to the ground. I flinched as I hit the tree.

The guy that threw me shifted to his human form and put on shorts, but that didn't stop him from grabbing onto my shirt and pulling me up so I was facing him.

"What's your name rouge?" The guy asked.

I shook my head no an pointed to my throat, hopefully this guy would understand.

Two wolves slowly appeared behind him, they also shifted and put on shorts.

"Sir, I think he can't speak." One spoke up.

The guy holding me, which I was sure he was the beta by his strength sat me down.

"Let's take him to the pack house." The beta stated. "You two grab him, I don't want a rouge running around freely."

The two others grabbed me and dragged me, we walked behind the beta for ten minutes tell we reached a mansion.

I had no idea I was so close to a pack house, or a pack of this size. Not even my old pack was this large.

They walked me into the mansion, the women and pups all gasped at me probably because of my looks.

And as soon as they find out I can't shift, they will probably abuse me all the same.

"Write your name." The beta instructed.

He handed me a notepad and a pen, I quickly scribbled down my name.


I handed the notepad back to him, and he nodded his head.

"My name is Haden, the packs Beta." Haden told me. "Why are you a rouge?"

He went straight to the point, I bit my lip and pointed at myself.

He sighed. "I don't see why, you should be treasured. I am going to get the Alpha."

"Ross! Andy!" He shouted, suddenly all was heard was two sets of foot steps coming down the stairs.

They stopped when they saw me, I could see them though. A boy with dirty blonde hair and green eyes, who stood beside a girl with brown hair and brown eyes.

"This is Jamie, he's a mute. Watch over him, I am going to talk to your father Ross." Haden told them.

He left running up the stairs.

"I am Andy!" The girl smiled.

"I am Ross." The boy told me.

I waved at them.

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