Chapter 7

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Jamie's prov.

When I woke up, I just so happened to see Ross with a towel wrapped around his waist. Him also being shirtless, I felt attracted to him.

I shook my head. I can't be romantically involved, even if the guys hot. Before you ask, all werewolves are supposed to be Bi. So that way when they meet their mate it will be okay wether or not they get a member of the same sex.

Ross quickly grabbed his clothes then walked in the bathroom, sighing I sat up and stood up.

Realization hit me, I had no other clothes.

Suddenly, the bathroom door opened and Ross came out. He was fully dressed.

'I have no clothes to wear.' I wrote on my notepad, I gave it to him looking down at the floor my cheeks burning.

"Oh, here." Ross tossed me some of his clothes. "By the way, we are going shopping today."

I nodded and walked to the bathroom, when I walked out I kinda felt small. His clothes were just to baggy on me, but they made me feel safe.

"Andy's coming with us." Ross told me.

I nodded and put on a pair of his hoes he handed me, again way to big. Ross has to be a body builder or something.

"Come on." Ross motioned, I followed him outside to see a expensive car and Andy already in the back.

"Sit in the passengers seat." Ross told me, I wondered why.

Andy was most likely his soon to be mate, so why didn't she get in the front to hold his hand or stare at him.

I nodded and got in, Ross got in the drivers seat and started the car.

When we arrived at the mall, Ross handed me a credit card. "Buy what ever clothes you want."

My eyes widened, my old pack bought my clothes for me.

"Andy will help you out." Ross stated. "I have something to do, but if you need me state it in he mindlink."

Andy grabbed my hand and took off with me, we soon were in a store full of clothes.

"Finally! I get you all to my self! This is going to be so fun! You have no idea how hard it is to get Ross away from you!" Andy rambled.

I looked down, Ross just didn't want to disobey his fathers orders.

"Okay, pick out what you want! Ross is richer then Bill Gates so don't hold back!" Andy smiled at me, as she dragged me to the boys section.

"Go on." Andy cheered me on.

I slowly picked up a medium size black hoodie, she squealed and took it placing it in her hands and motioned me to pick more out.

When we got done, I had got 10 hoodies, 15 shirts, 15 skinny jeans, 3 pairs of skater shoes, and 2 beanies.

I only choose the long sleeved ones because, they would hide the scars that ran up my wrists.

Andy wouldn't let me look at how much we spent, but I tried to look anyways all I saw it was over 100$.

I sighed as we walked out of the store, holding 6 bags full of clothes.

Ross meet us in the food court, and he smiled at me.

"Jamie tried them all on! He looked fantastic!" Andy smiled at me.

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