Chapter 10

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Jamie's prov.

When the movie was over I got out from under Ross's arm.

"Tired?" Ross asked me.

I shook my head, no.

"Want to play video games?" Ross questioned.

I shook my head again.

"Then what?" Andy asked.

I shrugged, I had no idea what I wanted to do.

"I say we play a card game." Andy suggested.

I nodded towards Andy's idea.

"What game?" Ross asked.

"Uno?" Andy suggested.

I nodded, even though I never played it.

"Do you know the rules?" Ross asked me.

I shook my head no.

After Ross explained the rules to me, we started playing the game.

"Uno!" Ross yelled seeing Andy had forgot to say it when she only had one card left.

Then it hit me.

If I wanted to win or play the game correctly I had to talk.

"Jerk!" Andy yelled at him, she hit the Uno machine until cards sputtered out.

It was my time, I had one card left.

Quickly, I showed them the image of number 1. They gave me a confused look but then nodded understanding.

By the time we finished the game, Andy had won claiming that she was the Uno Queen.

I slowly got up from my chair and walked into the kitchen leaving Andy and Ross alone.

What I found in the kitchen was a guy he looked familiar, really familiar.

He turned around to let me see all of him.

I couldn't believe my eyes, it was Tex.

"I saw Ross made you get rid of my number, so I thought I should follow you guys. Even let my self in." Tex smiled at me.

I backed away, planning to run towards Ross.

"Where you going cutie?" Tex came up to me, he put a finger under my chin making me look him in the eyes.

"Hey Jamie! Ross wants to know if you want to play- Tex?" Andy asked walking in.

I gave her a pleading look, she saw it knowing I wasn't like this by choice.

"Hey doll, move along and let me and my lover have some peace a quiet." Tex tried to get her to go away.

"No, get out." Andy growled.

Tex looked over to her staring at her in the eyes, Andy suddenly passed out cold.

Tex turned to me, just as we heard foot steps coming our way.

He smashed his lips on to mine.

I true to push him away, he was to strong.

"Jamie?!" Ross shouted.

Tex countries to kiss me, even though I wasn't kissing back.

This made me a little angry.

"Get off him!" Ross shouted, Tex stopped kissing me and turned to Ross doing the same thing with Andy only Ross was still awake.

Only he could barley stand.

Tex turned back to me only to kiss me even harder, my lips were sure to bruise.

Okay I was officially mad, nobody is allowed to kiss me. The first time I was shocked, but this is the second.

This time a little bit of pain courses through my body, but it stopped in a couple seconds.

I shoved Tex off of me causing him to slam into the wall, he smiled at me.

"So that's what happens?" He smirked.

I was going to hit him again, when Ross groaned again.

My eyes snapped to him, and Tex took that as a chance to run. I didn't care I needed to help Ross.

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