Chapter 2

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Jamie's prov.

They stood their just staring at me.

"What does your wolf look like?" Andy asked suddenly.

My breathing stopped as Ross nudged her. "Andy that's rude."

"But his eyes are purple! Werewolves can't wear contacts because they dissolve within seconds, and his hear is white and our hair can't be bleached because the true color will come back in a day." Andy stated.

I shifted feeling uncomfortable.

"Andy, maybe he isn't a werewolf." Ross shrugged.

I bit my lip. I couldn't even shift so maybe I wasn't really a werewolf.

"Nope, he's a werewolf he smells like one." Andy shrugged, she could distinguish scents?

That's impossible unless this pack has werewolves with gifts.

Ross must of seen my curious look.

"Andy!" He hit the back of her head, guess I knew their secret. "Yes you heard right, she has a gift. She can individualize smells."

I nodded and gave a thumbs up, they smiled at me.

Suddenly, I heard foot steps coming down the stairs and I looked towards them.

An older more built version of Ross was standing there beside Haden.

"Hello, Jamie." The guy stated, I could tell he was the Alpha.

I bowed my head being polite.

"Look at me." The Alpha instructed.

I looked up at him.

"Jamie do you want to join the pack?" The Alpha asked.

I nodded.

"Welcome." The Alpha shook my hand. "It's a pleasure to have you join."

I smiled, he was going to say the acceptance.

"My name is Alpha Roderick, and I accept you into the Gift of Moon Pack." He spoke the final words.

The mind link the whole pack shared came into my mind.

I quickly shut my mind off from anyone else, a tricked I learned in my old pack since they abused me every time they heard a thought from me.

"You can talk in the mind link if you want."

I nodded, sighing looking down at my hands.

Last time I used mind link, it ended in abuse.

I grabbed the notepad, and pen.

They all looked at me as I bit my lip and wrote.

Maybe they won't hate me, maybe there won't be abuse.

"Why don't you talk?" Haden asked.

'People, hate my voice.' I wrote to them.

They looked at me like they would a child who just got in a fight and they lost.

'May I eat?' I wrote - asked shyly.

They looked surprised I even asked.

"Of course." Alpha nodded. "Omega Blu, can you fix this boy a sandwich?"

An omega with blonde hair and blue eyes walked in, and fixed and sandwich and hand it to me.

I nodded in thanks.

"Your welcome, don't worry I came from a pack that abused me too." Blu smiled at me.

I froze, I guess this pack was full of people with gifts. Blu must since your fears.

"Abuse?" Ross asked. "Why would they abuse you?"

His tone was getting louder and it scared me, no one usually go that mad unless it was threatening to their mate.

"Blu, your excused." Blue soon left, and to say I was scared was an understatement.

"Ross calm down, it's probably because he doesn't talk." Andy suggested.

I nodded, happy she didn't bring up my looks.

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