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Ryan's prov.

I stared.

He had light shaggy brown hair and the perfect dark green eyes.

"Alphas why didn't you tell me you had my mate?" He smiled, a little evilly.

I was hyperventilating. My mate was the rouge king aka, bad guy.

My father and dad looked over at me. "Ryan? Is that true?" My dad asked.

Even though I couldn't shift, I could feel the mate bond.

I slowly nodded my head.

"Ryan? What a beautiful name for my mate." The rouge king winked at me.

He was rumored to be mate less, he was rumored to be crazy because his mate left him. Now I know that isn't true.

I am mates with the rouge king... I still couldn't rap my head around it.

This is the second book! It follows Jamie and Ross's second child, please let me know what you think!

The book for this is in my works!
Strange Wolf
Chapter one is published.

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