Chapter 8

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Jamie's prov.

Ross treated me and Andy to ice cream, and we are all now still in the food court.

Andy and Ross are talking while I am being quiet eating my ice cream.

"Hey." A loud and low voice startles me.

The voice stopped Ross's and Andy's conversation.

I turned to see the muscly guy, he was staring down at me. I gulped and waved a little towards him.

"My name is Tex, what's yours?" He asked me.

"I am Ross." Ross held out a hand towards the guy.

"I wasn't talking to you, now why don't you go back to talking to your girlfriend." Tex growled at Ross.

"Not his girlfriend." Andy stated.

Tex turned towards me, took my notebook and pen and scribble something down before handing it to me.

"Call or text me any time."

Tex left, Ross was angry and Andy looked at what he scribbled down.

"He gave you his phone number!" Andy squealed.

Ross took the notebook, and ripped out the page throwing it in the trash.

I gave him a curious look.

"What? He only wants sex, and your to innocent for that. You need a real relationship." Ross explained.

I blushed at the mention of sex, I was still a virgin.

"He was hot." Andy shrugged, earning a glare from Ross.

I didn't find Tex hot at all, he wasn't my type. The only guy I actually was attracted to was Ross, but I am pretty sure it's normal. His family did save me.

"Come on." Ross huffed. "Lets go home."

I bit my lip the whole way home, until we got there. That's when I saw Alpha walking out of the mansion leading a whole bunch of other men with him.

I got out of the car following Ross when one of the men started talking.

"I didn't know you had an Arctic Wolf." The man stated shocked. "I thought they all died out."

Everyone turned and looked at me, I looked down I wasn't comfortable with attention.

"He's remarkable! I heard they have gifts beyond just regular ones!" The man stated, he started walking towards me.

"Lift up your chin boy." He ordered.

I slowly looked up, the man had grey hair and grey eyes.

"Purple eyes? This is amazing!" The man cheered.

"Alpha Riggs, please stay after. The rest of you go home." Alpha growled.

"Come on." Ross grabbed my arm and moved me into the movie room.

Andy followed. "What's an Arctic Wolf?"

"No clue." Ross sighed.

I bit my lip again, probably just another thing they could make fun of me for.

"Pick a movie, Jamie." Ross told me, he held up three.

Black hat, Nightcrawler, and Teenage mutant ninja turtles.

I picked the last one, and he popped it in.

When he came back to the couch, he sat down and put an arm around me holding me close.

Oh no.

I have a crush on Ross.

Worst of all he probably thinks I am like his little brother.

Taking this to my advantage, I snuggled into his side as Andy was sitting on the other couch shoving popcorn in her mouth.

I will not get in the way their love, tonight will be the last night I spend hogging Ross.

Even though I barley had him...

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