Chapter 12

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Jamie's prov.

I woke up, got dressed in my regular clothes and walked down stairs seeing Andy and Ross wide awake.

I blushed at the memory of Ross kissing me, maybe he would give me a good morning kiss today?

Happily, I sat down in my seat as an omega served food. I nodded in thanks.

"Hey sorry if I did anything stupid last night, I can't remember a thing I did so maybe you could fill me in?" Ross nudged me.

I died.

All hope in me was crushed.

"All I remember is walking in to see that stupid guy kiss you." Ross growled. "Did you want him to kiss you?"

I shook my head, and finished eating.

He didn't remember him kissing me! Why! Then again what if he did remember? He would probably hate me.

"I do remember one thing though." Ross told me.

I gave him a curious look.

"It was Theta laughing."

I nodded and put my dishes in the sink not wanting to cause a problem.

"Jamie!" Alpha Roderick walked into the kitchen.

I looked up at him.

"We have great news! We can figure out when you were born!" Alpha told me.

I already knew when I was born, I picked up my notepad and wrote down my birth date.


"That's not your real birthday, come on. Theta is going to help you out." Roderick told me.

I was shocked, the Ice moon pack lied about my birthday? Who does that?!

"Can I come with?" Ross asked.

"Me too!" Andy smiled.

"I suppose." Alpha nodded.

We all walked to Thetas office in quiet, an when we got there she smiled at us.

"Jamie all we need to do is draw your blood and a DNA sample of your saliva." Theta explained.

I could do the DNA sample, but no. I am terrified of needles,

I gulped and nodded.

Theta took the DNA sample first, which was really easy. Now it's time for the blood to be drawn.

My nails dug into the chair.

"Are you afraid of needles?" Andy asked me.

I nodded, in my old pack i had to sow my cuts and injures so they wouldn't get infected and they would heal. I hate needles.

"Ross hold him." Andy shoved Ross to me, he smiled and grabbed my hand.

"The more scared you get, squeeze harder on my hand." Ross told me.

I bit my lip and nodded.

Theta cleaned the pit of my elbow and then placed the needle there.

"Here we go." Theta told me.

I squeezed Ross's hand and I bit my lip drawing blood, I wanted to scream and run.

"It's okay." Ross coaxed me.

I squeezed his hand harder as she drew blood.

As I felt the needle getting token out I felt light headed, as soon as it was token out completely with a banded on it.

I still wouldn't let go of Ross's hand, I felt to dizzy.

"Jamie?" Ross questioned. "Jamie you okay?"

I fell towards him, blacking out.

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