Chapter 17

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Jamie's prov.

Ross was dying I could feel it, I could feel my mate dying.

I just got him as mine no way I was going to lose him the same day.

Kalle was staring intensely at Ross, no doubt he would be dead soon if I didn't do anything to stop it.

I was pissed, they wanted me so why did they have to torture my mate.

Ross howled in pain again, my chest tightened.

'Our mate.' My wolf whined.

"Stop!" I heard Andy yell and her shift, she ran towards Kalle.

Tex threw her aside like a rag doll.

"Finish him Kalle." Tex ordered.

"Don't! Leave Ross alone!" I yelled, I finally spoke. My voice was strong an firm.

Everyone stopped what they were doing an looked at me, even Kalle but Ross was still dying in to much pain I needed to help him.

"You want me dead, not them. Kill me." I told him.

Everyone looked at me shocked.

Tex smiled at me. "My pleasure."

'I don't want to leave our mate.' My wolf growled he was angry.

So was I.

'Let me out.' My wolf told me.

I thought back to yesterday. 'He could take out your entire pack and you know it.'

Tex walked towards me. "How should we do this? I say I kill you in our wolf forms, because I don't believe your a Arctic Wolf."

'Let me out.' My wolf growled again.

I nodded.

I could feel my wolf smirk.

All eyes were on us.

"And I highly doubt you have powers." Tex spat.

Tex shifted first he was a very large wolf, even for a werewolf and he was an intimidating one at that. He had brown Rusty fur and he looked at me hungrily.

The guy holding me shoved me away so I could shift.

'May I?' My wolf asked.

I nodded.

My body ached at first but it soon stopped, I could see my white paws and my sharp claws.

I looked up at Tex, he was bigger then me no doubt but size didn't matter. I saw my reflection in Tex's eyes I was a very good sized wolf, my fur was a shinning white color and my eyes were a dangerous glowing purple.

We circled each other until he launched at me, I dodged his attack and moved so I could see him clearly.

'I can hear his wolf he wants to kill you, let me take control.' My wolf asked of me.

Should I?

Tex pounced on me, I wasn't paying attention and he got me down snapping at my neck.

Everyone was surprised.

'Let me in control, we can not lose to some one who doesn't even have a speck of our strength.' My wolf hissed. 'And if we don't live our mate will die.'

I couldn't let our mate die, I loved him.

I love Ross.

I let my wolf take control, he lifted his paw and kicked Tex off of us. Tex flew about twenty feet from us, my wolf got up and stretched then turned to Tex who was already up and shaking off the dirt.

He pounced at us again, but my wolf easily pounced back up at him meeting him up in the air and falling down with him under my paw.

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