Chapter 5

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Jamie's prov.

I walked into the hall, finding that nobody else was near the bathroom.

But I found a window at the end of the hall, and two glowing eyes staring at me.

They jumped through the window breaking it, and the commotion from the dinning room stopped.

I slowly started to back up afraid, their scents I recognized. My old beta, and Alpha.

They found me.

They shifted as I heard my new pack members foot steps come for me.

They put on shorts and glared at me.

"Look, we found Jamie." The Old Beta grumbled.

The Old Alpha then started. "You want to know how much we miss you? A lot Jamie, no one is around to do our chores or let us get our anger out."

"Leave." My new Alpha spoke.

"But this is our member of our pack, we are taking him back." The Old Beta stated.

"Not anymore, he's a member of my pack." The Alpha growled.

"Really? I thought you only accepted family members, or people with gifts? Jamie has no gifts, he's useless and look at him he's disgusting with his looks he probably doesn't even have a mate." The old Alpha growled back.

I heard everything before, but it still hurt me.

"Look, Alpha you made him weaker." The Old Beta laughed.

"Leave now." The Alpha stated. "Or else."

"Beta." The old Alpha commanded.

Soon, I was caught by the arm by no other then my old Beta.

"Let him go!" My Alpha shouted.

I closed my eyes, they were surely going to kill me for this. For leaving my old pack, for disobeying.

I could hear, the Alphas arguing, I could feel the grip tighten on my arms and the blood trickle down from it.

"We are taking him back!" My Old Alpha shouted.

I grabbed the Olds Beta arms, and tried to get his grip off.

"Look, Old Alpha he's fighting back for once." The Old Beta laughed.

That's when The Old Beta wrapped his arms around me, and started head back for the broken window.

I elbowed, I punched, I kicked.

People shouted, screamed.

Then it happened. My body started to shake and I could feel my self burning in pain.

The Old Beta let go of me, not knowing what was happening with me.

"He's shifting!" I heard Andy shout.

"He can't shift! That's impossible!" The Old Alpha shouted.

I heard my bones cracking, an I felt every vibration, heard every sound, and saw everything.

My body was becoming ten times warmer and my teeth were growing into fangs.

I fell onto the ground, my lips pressed together as The Old Alpha, and Beta fled the scene.

"Call the pack doctor!" Ross shouted.

He was by my side in seconds, my nails turned grey and long.

But some of the pain went away ever since, Ross showed by my side.

The pain was terrible.

Then it all stopped.

I looked up at my new pack who looked completely bewildered.

"Alpha..." Haden stated unsure. "His wolf is you know..."

"I thought all of them died forever ago." The Alpha stated shocked.

Andy walked up to me, and took out her phone so I could see my reflection.

So I could see my wolf.

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