Chapter 3

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Jamie's prov.

"I can't! Who would abuse their own pack member?!" Ross shouted.

The Ice Moon Pack.

"He's just a kid!" Ross yelled.

I am actually 17.

"We should go kill them all right now!" Ross screamed.

You even threaten them and they will rip you to shreds.

"Ross!" Alpha yelled, I bowed my head not wanting to show resistance.

"Dad." Ross stated firmly.

"Now is not the time to over react, Jamie is safe now. I know your mad about someone hurting a member of this pack, but you got to focus your 18th birthday is coming up and you will did your mate and claim your title. I don't want anything happening to you got it?" Alpha growled.

"Yes, sir." Ross sighed.

Andy put a hand on Ross's shoulder to comfort him as I took a bit out of my sandwich.

It was really good, I haven't eaten real food in days. My old pack thought it was funny to make me eat dog food.

I grabbed the notepad when finished.

'Drink?' I handed it to Haden.

He nodded, and got a cold coke out of the fridge and gave it to me. I chugged it down within seconds and place it on the counter.

"Thirsty?" Alpha chuckled.

I nodded.

"Here, take only a couple drinks don't want you sick." Haden stated handing me a water bottle and throwing away the soda.

"Where will Jamie being sleeping?" Andy asked.

"The mansion should have rooms, but I don't want him alone since he was a rouge." Alpha statted. "Ross, care to share a room?"

"Will he get his own bed?" Ross questioned.

"Of course you have the spare bed, and son can you let him borrow some clothes of yours and shower?" Alpha asked.

"Yeah, won't be a problem." Ross nodded. "Come on Jamie, take that notepad and pen with you."

I carefully followed Ross up the stairs, as soon as we reached his room his bed was obviously the one by the tv and video games.

"That's yours." He pointed to a twin bed, I smiled. I never been able to sleep on a bed before.

I walked over to it and saw it was dressed and had many pillows.

"Here." I turned around in time as he gave me some of his clothes. "They might not fit, but I am pretty sure my dad will insist for me to take you shopping tomorrow."

I nodded.

I sat down the notepad and pen on the bed and gave Ross a mental image of a shower.

I never used one before, they gave me buckets of cold water and soap. I only saw one when I was cleaning it.

"The door behind you, and great job for communicating even with a picture." Ross smiled at me.

I hugged his clothes to my chest as I walked towards the shower, this pack was nice.

They wouldn't hurt me, maybe I should actually talk to them. But if my old pack was here, they would tell me they were faking it to get on my good side which they probably were.

I got out of the shower and looked in the mirror, my hair was wet and curly, my eyes shined a bright purple.

I will never be like they want me to be.

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