You Wanna Read Fantasy Books? by FantasiaOfFantasy
You Wanna Read Fantasy Books?by Fantasy
Comment in the book section your favourite fantasy and high fantasy books.
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Lekram El Mago Supremo by FacundoMarino
Lekram El Mago Supremoby Facundo Marino
Lekram es un joven que no ha despertado sus facultades mágicas, aún así intentará aplicar para ser parte del Consejo de Magos. El camino que tiene por recorrer es muy co...
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THE QUARTET Book 1: The Edge Of The Sky by LaSilhouetteInBianco
THE QUARTET Book 1: The Edge Of La Silhouette In Bianco
"What Even Qualifies as Normal?!" Meet the Quartet: Em, Vicky, Taeo, And Tony. Esmeralda is a Mage, Vicky is a Shapeshifter, Taeo is a Faun, And Antoni is a No...
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The two mages by MystikLilia
The two magesby MystikLilia
My first book sadly the chapters are not long
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Black Chaos by CanisDeEspada
Black Chaosby Odd Wanderer
He stood atop of the fallen castle still burning from the catapults that covered the skies in a shade of orange and red, crushed below the castle is the knights and deem...
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The Waves Which Rise Just To Fall by Nakits
The Waves Which Rise Just To Fallby Nakits
"Life is just like these waves, they start off weak and fragile and then it becomes strong overtime. It releases a giant amount of power and then it falls.....but r...
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The Static Heartbeat by NineTheArcticWolf
The Static Heartbeatby Nine The Arctic Wolf
Hello...My name is Daniel Dunkin I'm a TV Mage...Now you might be wondering what does that mean. A TV mage is someone who can control manipulate and become Static. I'm a...
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The Legend Of The Black Phoenix (The Black Series #1) by Commander_Kiz
The Legend Of The Black Phoenix ( Kayzel Anne
Phoenix - a mythical bird that is believed to be a really powerful creature; it has the power of a burning flame Werewolves - our kind; tough, huge, vicious and strong m...
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Windwalker - A Shattered Realms Novel by Klissa_Star
Windwalker - A Shattered Realms Klissa Star
𝐀 𝐂𝐀𝐏𝐓𝐔𝐑𝐄𝐃 𝐏𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐂𝐄𝐒𝐒 Rosalie 𝘢𝘯𝘢'Raisa hasn't seen her mother in years. Unbeknownst to the Realms, when her elder sister Hanalea was murdered, she was...
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Gwenevere's Game by NovaEraKitty
Gwenevere's Gameby Nova Kitty
Gwenevere is a child of infinite possibility, and she has five thousand competitors playing her game. For Eliza, Nox, Zola and Bleidd, this means facing down thirteen fl...
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"Was wäre wenn..." Teil 2: Unbekannte Abenteuer by Piers-Nivans
"Was wäre wenn..." Teil 2: Piers Nivans
Was wäre, wenn Erskin Ravel nach seiner Flucht vor Mevolents Soldaten nicht bei den Kinder der Spinne Zuflucht gesucht hätte? Wäre er jemals von der Ideologie besessen...
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Nightmares {A×N×Y} by LaZyPaNdAqUeEn
Nightmares {A×N×Y}by LaZyPaNdAqUeEn
"Why are you teaching me to become stronger if you don't want me to fight?" She asked. "It's better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a battl...
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Twelve by shirukoskr
Twelveby shet no
She ran away from home at 12. She fell in love at 12. She saw the world when she was 12. Join Ilus Stowangus as she goes through her life where secrets are created and a...
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Le temple de la théurgie TOME 1 La prophécie by Tenva2710
Le temple de la théurgie TOME 1 Tenva
------------------------------------- "Dans mon commencement est ma fin et dans ma fin est mon commencement." Citation de Thomas Stearns Eliot 1888/1965 Dédic...
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Rain Away: Fraxus One-shots by MoonblazeAngel
Rain Away: Fraxus One-shotsby Angel Bauden
Little tidbits of cute, fluff, lemons, and love from my favorite pair of Fairy Tail mages. Everything will be PG-13, and I'll be doing different prompts for each one. Lo...
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Sage Jacksonville And The Last Descendant by JaceKelson
Sage Jacksonville And The Last JaceKelson
Nicole and I locked eyes for a fleeting moment , before we did the only thing that we could think of. We ran.
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MAGIAby 安如意
another universe exists within the universe humanity lives in, containing vicious, monstrous and complex creatures that are far beyond what humans can comprehend. these...
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Spirit of the Wolf by CheerBeast101
Spirit of the Wolfby Cheer Beast
In a world where humans are being cleaned off the faces of this Earth the werewolf's of the hidden world arise. They have come out of hiding and will get rid of the rest...
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The Avatars by Spartona
The Avatarsby Marie Maxwell
"50 years?" I question. "Yeah. Give or take. Time here is different. To me it's felt like a few weeks, but really a few years." "How are you su...
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