Chapter 11

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Jamie's prov

"Jamie, you didn't kiss back did you?" Ross asked me dazed by him wanting to go to sleep.

I shook my head, I would never even think of kissing Tex.

"Good, because you-" Ross started but stopped suddenly. "Wait! I need to mind link Theta!"

'Theta come!' Ross shouted to everyone in the mind link.

I bit my lip, holding back my laughter.

Ross sighed and leaned on me. "I bet your voice is sexy... I really want to hear it."

I blushed like crazy.

Thankfully, Theta rushed in through the door and saw Andy passed out and a mess of Ross.

"Oh my." Theta stated, checking Ross's eyes and his pulse.

She then rushed over to Andy.

"Make sure Andy is okay! She's my best friend!" Ross yelled, then he turned to me and started patting my head. "You have fangs!"

I bit my lip and looked down taking calming breaths.

"Shhh he's being calm." Ross told Theta, who laughed a little.

30 seconds later, I was back to normal.

"Jamie!" Ross suddenly shouted.

I raised my eye brow at Ross.

"I think you are very pre-" Ross was interrupted by Theta.

"Ross and Andy will be okay, looks like they just got put to sleep. Well not Ross, he struggled to stay awake and now he's kinda truthful." Theta explained to me. "He would be like this for at least 24 hours even if he does sleep, and Andy will be okay when she wakes up but she could be truthful also."

"Truthful!" Ross giggled. "Jamie am I truthful?"

I shrugged, I haven't known him long enough in this state of mind.

"I really hate that you don't talk, but when you sent me a picture one day I was so happy! You chose me to mind link first! You don't know how happy that made me." Ross smiled towards me.

I bit my lip. He really wanted me to talk that bad?

"Make sure Ross gets rest." Theta told me. "I will check on him and Andy tomorrow."

Theta then left, Ross was practically laying on me.

Thankfully, Theta had gotten a guy to help me.

"Here you go." The guy stated leaving me, he had put Andy in bed and helped me carry Ross upstairs and in our room.

"Jamie." Ross whispered.

I looked over at him.

"Sit." He instructed, pointing to right beside him.

Instead of me sitting, he pulled me under the covers with him.

"Your so cuddly!" Ross smiled.

I smiled, really smiled he was to cute like this. This would probably be the only time he is really cute.

"Jamie." Ross stated rather seriously.

I turned towards him, our faces only an inch or two apart.

He leaned in and smashed his lips against mine, I kissed back.

It lasted 23 seconds before we broke apart, and it was purely magical.

"That was like a nuclear explosion!" Ross smiled at me, I blushed and bit my lip.

"God I am tired!" Ross yawned, he then proceeded to pass out.

I smiled, I like Ross. There is no way I can go back to just wanting him to be my friend.

I walked over to my bed and snuggled in, I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

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