who am I? (Ziall Horlik) AU

who am I? (Ziall Horlik) AU

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Zayn Malik is a lost soul. He has been told all his life he is nothing and has forgotten all about happiness. So when he loves a boy that he knows will never return the feelings, he feels more lost. He wants this boy to love him too, but hes only been told he is unlovable. He has only been told who he is and what he us made of for the past 6 years. 

He just wants to be the person he was before the abuse and pain. But that leaves him wondering...

 Who am I?

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Niallzayn24 Niallzayn24 May 25, 2017
AWWW Oh my god. I'm being serious here. That is just beautiful. That's incredibly sweet and ---- I can't find the words to describe. That kind of love is what I want. That is just min blowingly amazing.
Super exited to read this! I've read all ur other stuff on my other account and you're super awesome!
next_2you next_2you Apr 14, 2016
I just finished jet black heart few hours ago and here I'm 😅
allkindofshippers allkindofshippers Nov 01, 2016
I'm actually dreading to read this cause I don't really want to feel hurt eventho it's just a book but I'd probably cry because I'm a crybaby HAHAHHAHA
LaurenDolan5 LaurenDolan5 Dec 20, 2015
Just wanna say this chapter makes me depressed. But I hope it's get better for him so I going to keep reading
GlitterAshton GlitterAshton Nov 14, 2015
who am I when I don't know myself? who am I who am I invisible