Jet Black Heart (Ziall Horlik) AU

Jet Black Heart (Ziall Horlik) AU

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Brianna Lynn C. By BriannaLynnC98 Completed

Everybody's got their demons, even wide awake or dreaming.

Niall Horan had his secrets and his demons that he covered with a smile. He never let it show, even to his best friends. They never caught on either. Well, until Niall fell for one and it all slowly came out.

Zayn Malik was Niall's best friend since birth. They've been through everything together. They were partners in crime. They were opposite in every way possible, but that's all that drew Zayn to become infatuated with the Irish boy.

Are Niall's secrets too deep to ever be fully uncovered? Will Zayn still feel the same about Niall if he can uncover the demons from a jet black heart?

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XoSAVoX XoSAVoX Jan 19, 2018
Awwwe 5SOS jet black heart and Ziall. What more could you ask for???
CrazyMofoHands CrazyMofoHands Sep 08, 2017
I can't explain divorces and eight year old Zayn is amazing at it.
allmyloveforoned allmyloveforoned Sep 29, 2017
Omfl I am so fuckin excited abt this book. Ziall is my babeeeeeeee
next_2you next_2you Apr 13, 2016
I have this kind of friend but we've been away from each other for two years I miss her so much
next_2you next_2you Apr 13, 2016
Okay that's the mystery part you'll make me suffer to understand what's the reason
YourFruitloop YourFruitloop Jan 12, 2017
Aii no
                              My little cousin was boasting that he parents were going to get a divorce