Forced (Ziall Horlik )AU M-preg

Forced (Ziall Horlik )AU M-preg

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In a world where everything is forced by the government whether it was the job you got when you get older or who you're married to, there lived two boys that wanted a new way of life. 

Zayn Malik was tired of the way things were. He wanted to change the way he was living. With a bitter heart and an angry mind set, he wants what no one else has. He wants to control his own life. 

Niall Horan was a hopeless romantic, there's no other way to put it. He dreamed of finding the love of his life. But, as he grew up he leaned that's not how things worked. 

These two boys may be the hope for a better future for the world, or they'll just conform into doing what they were raised to do. 

Will Zayn and Niall be the revolution in this forced world?

Katniss you're in the wrong story
                              Btw you should have married Gale
Erhmergerhd Erhmergerhd Jul 23, 2016
Tell me, how much does a kidney cost? I thought I heard the priced dropped since last year?
Louie_Harrie_Larrie Louie_Harrie_Larrie Mar 27, 2016
Im sad because i know what happened BECAUSE I READ THE SEQUEL BEFORE THIS
-Leeeyum -Leeeyum Dec 21, 2016
How black is a black market??  😁😁 okay nvm. Continue reading. 😞😞
Louie_Harrie_Larrie Louie_Harrie_Larrie Mar 27, 2016
I feel dumb because i read the sequel before i read this *facepalm*
Tbh nobody asked u all that...... hahah smh im a bitch from hell 😂