Forced (Ziall Horlik )AU M-preg

Forced (Ziall Horlik )AU M-preg

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Brianna Lynn C. By BriannaLynnC98 Completed

In a world where everything is forced by the government whether it was the job you got when you get older or who you're married to, there lived two boys that wanted a new way of life. 

Zayn Malik was tired of the way things were. He wanted to change the way he was living. With a bitter heart and an angry mind set, he wants what no one else has. He wants to control his own life. 

Niall Horan was a hopeless romantic, there's no other way to put it. He dreamed of finding the love of his life. But, as he grew up he leaned that's not how things worked. 

These two boys may be the hope for a better future for the world, or they'll just conform into doing what they were raised to do. 

Will Zayn and Niall be the revolution in this forced world?

Start singing perfect in my mind bc I'm in the middle of a class😂👅❤
next_2you next_2you Mar 25
Just wanted to know how Zayn is like this and this is mprg fic it's really got my attention
next_2you next_2you Mar 25
If anyone dies in this book I'll kill my self I can't take it anymore
I feel dumb because i read the sequel before i read this *facepalm*
kingxzialler kingxzialler Nov 30, 2015
lanababylana lanababylana Nov 28, 2015
Awe my feels )-': this has such a vibe now bc of what zayn knows