Life Of A Prostitute (Ziall Horlik) AU

Life Of A Prostitute (Ziall Horlik) AU

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It's not something people plan on doing nor is it something people happily do. It's a way of survival.

Zayn Malik lived a life of selling his body to men and women who wanted it just so he could get by. He wasn't happy, but there was nothing else for him to do. There was no one for him. He was just a prostitute.

Niall Horan was a rookie on the police field. He was fresh out of training and ready to take on this task at hand. He didn't have a hard heart like most the men he worked with. He actually cared about the people that would end up in the back of his car handcuffed.

Is there a way for a young cop to help a law breaker? Is there a way for a broken man to become whole again? Is it possible for one to understand the life of a prostitute?

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Thresh031 Thresh031 Feb 24, 2016
Keep going! I already like the plot especially Niall who's a cop, I expected Niall to be the prostitute. I like how this is gonna go
niallsdog niallsdog Feb 24, 2016
Of course you should keep going omg this is going to be so good
Arialia21 Arialia21 Oct 10, 2016
I'm just reading french translation of this story and thanks a lot for jour story ;)
next_2you next_2you Jun 25, 2016
Just missing you and your books so I'm re reading them x I hope you're okay
next_2you next_2you Apr 04, 2016
Motherfücker don't touch my baby I'll cut you to tiny pieces
ooFanfavoriteoo ooFanfavoriteoo Apr 04, 2016
I've been meaning to read this for a few weeks now, but I want to finish freedom first so im only 3 chapters from the end then I can read this