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The Non Teacher's pet - Ziall Horlik *slow updates* by Pazzypoo
The Non Teacher's pet - Ziall Horl...by Pazzypoo
Zayn Malik is the 'Popular Kid' at his high school. To his peers he is a God and to his teacher's he is one of the most deviant students they've had in years. All of his...
The Fighter (Ziall Horlik)AU M-preg by BriannaLynnC98
The Fighter (Ziall Horlik)AU M-pregby Brianna Lynn C.
When there's a problem in your way, use your fists. That's all Zayn Malik has known his whole life. He was from the poorest and roughest end of Bradford, being brought u...
Hi, I'm Harry's Cousin (Ziall) by ziallstan
Hi, I'm Harry's Cousin (Ziall)by ❤️
Traumatic incidents happen. This one being Niall's mother passing away. Now he has to go live with his Auntie Anne. Harry isn't the little brat he used to be. He introd...
Last Hope (Ziall Horlik) AU by BriannaLynnC98
Last Hope (Ziall Horlik) AUby Brianna Lynn C.
Niall Horan seemed like a regular boy to everyone at school. No one ever felt the need to ask him if everything was okay, or if his personal life was fine. Little did an...
Daddy's Little "Girl" by niamzouisshippers13
Daddy's Little "Girl"by niamzouisshippers13
Niall Horan's parents were hoping for a baby girl, but instead they got Niall. Rick, Niall's father, was furious. He abuses Niall constantly, and Niall is also bullied a...
Silence (Ziall Horlik) AU by BriannaLynnC98
Silence (Ziall Horlik) AUby Brianna Lynn C.
Is silence a sound? To Niall Horan, that's the only sound he's heard his entire life. He's skilled in lip reading and knows how to get his words out to talk to someone...
Last Chance (Ziall Horlik) by ziallstan
Last Chance (Ziall Horlik)by ❤️
Niall was dating Harry. But unfortunately Harry wasn't the most faithful. As for Niall though. Niall was faithful and catered to Harry's every wish. But Niall was tired...
iT's YoU (z.h) by horny-for-horan
iT's YoU (z.h)by ziall almighty
Ever since Zayn Malik left One Direction, he and the boys haven't been keeping contact. That is until Niall Horan shows up at one of his concerts.
Life Of A Prostitute (Ziall Horlik) AU by BriannaLynnC98
Life Of A Prostitute (Ziall Horlik...by Brianna Lynn C.
It's not something people plan on doing nor is it something people happily do. It's a way of survival. Zayn Malik lived a life of selling his body to men and women who w...
Him (Ziall Horlik) AU by BriannaLynnC98
Him (Ziall Horlik) AUby Brianna Lynn C.
Two different world's collide and it's all because of him. Zayn Malik was just a regular guy. He was an intern at a local radio station and was also a part time tattoo a...
Forced (Ziall Horlik )AU M-preg by BriannaLynnC98
Forced (Ziall Horlik )AU M-pregby Brianna Lynn C.
In a world where everything is forced by the government whether it was the job you got when you get older or who you're married to, there lived two boys that wanted a ne...
Mute Musician (Ziall Horlik) AU by BriannaLynnC98
Mute Musician (Ziall Horlik) AUby Brianna Lynn C.
When words fail, music speaks. That's how Zayn Malik has been living his life since he could remember. No one really knew much about Zayn other than his talent with the...
My Superhero (Ziall Horlik) AU by BriannaLynnC98
My Superhero (Ziall Horlik) AUby Brianna Lynn C.
Niall Horan isn't like other boys his age. Some people say he's just immature, but they only say that because they don't and won't take the time to get to know him. They...
Niall Defence Squad |Narry/Ziall/Nouis/Niam|  by xxNikita1dxoxo
Niall Defence Squad |Narry/Ziall/N...by ~ Nikita ~
In a world filled with perverts, Niall loves to wear skirts.
90 Days by ziallstan
90 Daysby ❤️
Zayn just got accepted to a good college Niall did too, in fact the same college And on top of that they are roommates Zayn is willing to give it 90 days of focus and de...
Falling Apart (Ziall Horlik)AU by BriannaLynnC98
Falling Apart (Ziall Horlik)AUby Brianna Lynn C.
Zayn Malik couldn't take it anymore. The stress, the tour, the expectations set for him by everyone but mostly he couldn't take the pretending. Niall Horan loves someon...
The Life of A Not So Typical Fan Boy (Niam/Ziall/Larry AU) by bex_the_box
The Life of A Not So Typical Fan B...by Rebecca
Niall Horan is your typical directioner. His social life is pretty much non-existent as he spends so much time looking and fanboying over the newest pictures of One Dire...
The Tutor » Ziall AU ✔ by ZiallSmut
The Tutor » Ziall AU ✔by ♡
[Completed] • Zayn Malik. Everyone knows him in Bradford High school. He's the school bad boy. Every girl in school practically throw themselves on him. But he has his...
Single Father (Ziall Horlik) AU by BriannaLynnC98
Single Father (Ziall Horlik) AUby Brianna Lynn C.
It wasn't something he was ever expecting in his life, but it happened. Zayn Malik was a young man that got the surprise of his life when a late night hook up told him h...
Ours - Ziall Horlik ✅ by KingCommenter
Ours - Ziall Horlik ✅by яσввιє ∂єℓ мαℓιк
Finding a friend feels like a profound step beyond becoming lovers.