Best Friend's Dad (Ziall Horlik)AU

Best Friend's Dad (Ziall Horlik)AU

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Brianna Lynn C. By BriannaLynnC98 Completed

Sometimes people are just drawn to each other, no matter who they are and how they know them. It's chemistry and sometimes it can end as an experimental disasters.

Niall Horan was a regular seventeen year old guy. He, like any other regular teenager, had one friend that knew him like the back of his hand. He spent allot of time with his best friend, but that also ment he spent allot of time with his best friend's family.

Zayn Malik was a twenty-six year old working father. Him and his wife had adopted their son Liam when the boy was ten years old. They were both young parents, but they knew they made the right decision in becoming the young lad's parents to give him a better life.

What happens as years go on and close relationships are made between the teen and the man? Is it all chemistry, or is it more? Will this lead them to making a big mistake?

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2001Clibra 2001Clibra Jul 21
It took me forever to find this story again. I love your work and I was so desperate to get my hands on this again. It would be awesome of you wrote a sequal to it....
prisci1618 prisci1618 Jul 26
my little irishman . i wish i had been around for niall with braces
next_2you next_2you Apr 02, 2016
I'm back after few days of recovery from the shock of "little bird" here we go
notperfect556 notperfect556 Sep 25, 2016
So ready I can't believe I haven't seen this book before aaaahhhhh
Stargazer58 Stargazer58 Oct 04, 2015
Rip zayn in 1d     Ps. You would have rocked the high note in drag me down
fxthermxcker fxthermxcker Aug 25, 2015
zayn: nobody can drag him, dooown
                              me: nobody, nobody!
                              louis: hey thts my line!
                              me: stfu lewis