Something Right (SwanQueen AU) (GirlxGirl)

Something Right (SwanQueen AU) (GirlxGirl)

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Haylee {18} By The_QueenHaylee Completed

Regina Mills: a 28 year old successful business woman with everything she needs. A boyfriend, money, and parents who had pushed her to be the best.

Emma Swan: a hard-working woman ready for a break. She barely gets by with enough for herself, and here's the kicker, her son Henry. A single mother at the age of 23 makes Emma want to pack up and run for the hills.

When their very separate worlds meet nobody knows what to expect, especially not Emma and Regina.

SwanQueen AU :) Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or setting.

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physically_awkward physically_awkward May 31, 2017
I'm guessing Lexa got pregnant with Clarke's baby and Clarke was like "yeet" and left?So now Lexa taught her daughter that way of life..?I mean there can't be any other explanation.
Scarlet_Crimson_Wolf Scarlet_Crimson_Wolf Jun 22, 2017
Ooohhh can't wait to start.... Hopefully the feels aren't as intense.
tamara_stone tamara_stone Dec 18, 2017
well would you look at seems like we have a The100 fan right it also looks like that the gay stays in the family
MsParrillaFan MsParrillaFan Aug 17, 2017
If love is Weakness then Y do me and FOOD get along so WELL! Lol
MsParrillaFan MsParrillaFan Aug 17, 2017
Its Henry Mills Cuz apperently Emma didnt even wanna give Henry a name so Regina gave him one and Its Henry Mills.
Ollie_Kirkland_Love Ollie_Kirkland_Love Dec 31, 2017
Hold up. Emma blushing?? Papa hell is freezing over. We must restore our home