Chapter 11

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Emma's P.O.V

"So take however much you want and cover it all in sauce." I tell her and she nods. She does as I instructed and then I give Henry his plate. He digs in quickly and then I get myself some delicious stir fry. 

"I've never had this before but I must say I'm pleasantly surprised. Good job Emma." Regina says and I smile, blushing slightly.

"Thank you! I learned to make it a while ago and I've just perfected it." I tell her and she takes another bite, smiling at me.  

Regina's P.O.V

When Emma opened the door and I saw her in tight jeans and a revealing top, I must admit my mouth went a little dry. She's a beautiful woman and I'm excited to taste her cooking. Hopefully she can cook. But as soon as I tasted her stir fry I knew she was as great as I thought. Being a young, single mother means nothing when you're successful and smart. 

I sneak a glance at her while we're eating and see her looking at Henry to make sure he's not making a mess. Her blonde hair looks golden in the lighting and I'm sure those beautiful beach waves are natural. Her emerald eyes look up and capture mine and I just smile at her, not embarrassed about getting caught staring at her. She still blushes though and smiles before looking away.

"Are you enjoying your meal?" She asks me, and her voice gives me small shivers. I brush them off and swallow the food in my mouth before answering.

"It's very good. I think I'm going to need you to cook for me more often." I tell her and she beams with pride. 

"Thanks. I just might be able to if the moment arises." She tells me and I smile. 

"I'll be sure to make that happen." I wink at her and her cheeks flame up once again. 

"Momma I'm done." Henry declares and she peels her eyes away from me to look at him.

"Well what do we do when we're done eating?" She asks and he takes a moment to think.

"We ask to be excused and put our plate in the sink." Henry states and I almost laugh at his serious tone of voice.

"Very good Henry."

"May I be excused momma?" Henry asks sweetly and I watch Emma smile at his manners.

"Yes you may Henry. Remember to wash up so you don't get your toys dirty." Emma tells him and he nods before leaving the table, his plate in hand. Once he's washed his hands and raced upstairs I know we can finally talk without worry about censoring ourselves. 

"I'm proud of you Emma."

"What for?" She asks, spooning the last forkful of food on her plate into her mouth.

"For that little boy right upstairs. You've raised him right."

"Oh well thank you." She laughs a little bit. "Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if Henry's dad never left me and we ended up raising him together."

"Have you dated since him?" I ask her, slightly jealous that she's thinking about her old boyfriend. Regina you have a boyfriend. And you love him.

"No. Definitely not. I wanted to be fully involved with Henry. A relationship would have just given me a whole lot of difficulty." 

"Do you mind if I ask you about Henry's father?" I ask boldly and she nods.

"I trust you won't do anything with the information I give you so no, I don't mind." She says and I think carefully before choosing my first question. 

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