Chapter 9

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Emma's P.O.V

"I like Regina Mills." I whisper to the night air and almost drop Henry in surprise. I hold on to him extra tight and walk a little faster. Once at home I pull Henry's clothes off and put his pajamas on, his half sleeping form almost difficult to dress. I tuck him into bed and walk into my bedroom. I feel a bitter taste in the back of my throat, groaning at the thought of getting sick. My stomach rolls and I hurriedly get out of bed, running to the bathroom before throwing up everything I ate that day.

This is all Regina's fault. I can't believe I got so worked up I threw up because of her. I feel a fever start to come on and I start to sweat even while laying on the cold tile floor of the bathroom. I call Graham and let him know I won't be coming in tomorrow and ask him if he can take Henry to school tomorrow too. Looks like I'm sick after all. 


"Momma? You okay?" Henry's asks, waking me from my nap on the bathroom floor. I spare a glance to the clock sitting on my bedside table that I can luckily see from where I am. It's been only thirty minutes since I last threw up and I look up Henry.

"Momma's sick Henry so I want you to stay away from me okay kiddo? I'll help you get ready and then Sheriff Graham is gonna take you to school, okay?" I tell him and he nods.

"Can you go get dressed while I make you breakfast?" I ask him and he nods.

"Can I have cereal?" He asks as he walks away and I tell him yes as I sit up. I groan, my stomach still  beating itself up. 

"Good god I have to be the most unlucky woman alive." I moan, slowly getting to my feet. I shuffle to the kitchen and grab Henry a bowl and spoon as well as the box of cereal and some milk. He makes his way out wearing a dinosaur t-shirt and cargo pants as well as a green sweater. 

"God you are a fashion icon kiddo." I tell him, ruffling his hair. He smiles up at me and then waits patiently as I help him fix up a bowl of cereal. 

"When you're done what do you do?" I ask him and he swallows before answering.

"I put my bowl and spoon in the sink and go brush my teeth." He states and I smile.

"Good job kid. I love you. Get ready for school and Graham will be here soon." I tell him before making a nest on the couch with everything a sick girl needs.


Regina: Why aren't you at work?

Emma: What, no hi? No how are you?

Regina: Hi.

               Why aren't you at work?

Emma: I'm busy dying

Regina: You're sick?

Emma: I'm extremely sick. Now if you'll stop busting my balls I'm going to go throw up again and then take some anti-nausea pills.

Regina: Busting your balls? I'm appalled at the very sentence.

Emma: Want something else to be appalled at? Cause I will send you a picture of my vomit if you keep bothering me for no reason.

Regina: That's extremely disgusting. I was texting to wonder where you were.

Emma: Why Madame Mayor, are you concerned for me?

Regina: I'm more concerned about my town and its paperwork.

Emma: Ouch. That hurts. And I'm not talking about my stomach. Or my head. Or my throat.

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