Chapter 26

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Emma's P.O.V

That's when I decide: I'm going to propose to Regina Mills. It may not be tomorrow, or next week, or even next month but I will. And it's going to be awesome. 


Regina's P.O.V

I roll over with a groan and bump into a body, opening my eyes slowly. When I catch sight of blonde curls a lazy smile makes it's way on to my face. I look at the clock and see that it's already seven o'clock and that I should've woken up a few minutes ago. I realize I must have forgotten to set the alarm but I don't mind. I get out of bed slowly, carefully moving her arm off of my body and making sure not to wake her. I go into the bathroom and start the shower. I wait for it to get to the right temperature before stripping down and getting in. I shower quickly and then get out, putting on my make-up and blow drying my hair. 

When I go back into my room Emma is still laying in bed and I glance at the clock. It's 7:30 now so I decide I should probably get her up. I walk over to the bed and climb on before straddling her sleeping form. I remember how hard it was to get her up last time so I think for a moment. A smirk takes over my lips as I get an idea before leaning down to kiss her. She doesn't stir at all so I kiss her again before moving my lips lower, moving down her neck and then to her her b.reasts. I tweak her n.ipples lightly through her shirt and that's when she begins to move around beneath me.

"What time is it?" Emma mumbles.

"Seven thirty." I tell her before kissing her again. She reaches up to run her fingers through my hair and I pull back just enough to look into her stunning green eyes. 

"Well good morning to you too." She smiles sleepily and I get off her.

"Help me pick something to wear?" I ask her and she nods, rolling over to get a better look at my closet. 

"Something sexy." Emma states before I even begin to look. I look over my shoulder to glare at her and she laughs. I pull out a handful of shirts and she inspects each one. 

"Definitely the steel gray. And pair that with your red skirt and red blazer." Emma tells me. 

"You like seeing me in red?" I ask with a smug smile and she laughs.

"Definitely. Red is a power colour and I like a woman in power." She smirks. I get dressed right in front of her, dropping my bathrobe and baring everything I have. I shimmy a pair of red lace underwear up my legs and Emma grabs the matching red bra from my hands before I can put it on.

"Let me." She smiles. She kisses me everywhere the bra would go and I have to hit her on the forearm to get her to hurry up.

"As much as I enjoy finding out you're a sex monkey, I have to get ready Emma. Hurry up dear." I tell her and she giggles before doing up my bra. Once she's done I quickly pull on my shirt and pull up my skirt as Emma decides to button up my blouse for me. 

"You called me a sex monkey?" Emma says a few minutes later and I laugh.

"Did you just catch that?" I ask incredulously. 

"I was mulling it over." She grumbles and kisses me before heading to my bathroom. 

"Do you mind waking up Henry?" She asks me with a smile before she disappears and I hear the shower start.

"Fine. But only because you smell and you really need that shower!" I call out and hear her laugh from inside the bathroom. I leave my room and go into the spare bedroom right beside to find the boy still passed out. I walk over and perch on the edge of the bed before reaching out and running my hand through his soft hair. The light brown strands fall back into place and I smile at him.

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