Chapter 19

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Regina's P.O.V

I'm putting shampoo in my hair and thinking about the dream. It was a grotesque representation of my thoughts. But I need to let Emma stay dead, as terrible as that is. I can't hurt her the way Robin did. I can't let everyone hurt her.

"I can't let her be hurt." I whisper into the water stream, determined to stay away from her.


Emma's P.O.V

Day Two of Operation Gina started early after Regina sent me an oddly cryptic message. I don't get how I wouldn't be okay at five o'clock in the damn morning. But I brush it off. I mean I guess it shows she still cares for me. I go to Game of Thorns with Henry and he helps me pick out some flowers for Regina. Moe gives me a slightly odd look when I won't tell him who they are for but seriously it's none of his business.

I drop him off before going to her mansion on Mifflin and dropping two coral and two lavender roses on the doorstep. I then drive to town hall and put two more of each colour under her wind shield wipers. I go upstairs and see Tink sitting at her desk. She hears my foot steps and looks up.

"Hey-" She starts talking but I put my finger to my lips. "Emma." She whispers.

"Hey Tink." I greet, keeping my voice low.

"Why are we whispering?" She asks, her voice completely curious.

"Is Regina in?" I ask and she shakes her head.

"She went for a walk, claimed she needed coffee from Granny's and to clear her head. Why?" Tink states.

"Just wanted to put stuff on her desk." I tell her and she eyes the flowers.

"You can go in and put them there then." She says and I smile.

"Thanks." I say sincerely and open her door. Even though Tink says she's gone I don't want to take any chances. When I see it's actually empty I walk over and quickly place the four roses on her desk. I take a peak out the window and see her walking back up towards the building and through the front door. I slightly panic and run to the door of her office. Tink looks at me in alarm and I put my fingers to my lips once again.

"I was never here." I say quickly and she nods in understanding before I run to the bathroom. I stay in there but stand right at the door so I can hear. Her heels click down the hallway and her voice carries clearly into the bathroom.

"Did anyone come in while I was gone Tiffany?" I hear her ask and there is a pause. I hold my breath.

"No Miss Mills. No one came by." Tink lies and I let out the breath I was holding.

"Thank you. If you need me I'll be working in my office." Regina says and I hear the door to her office close. I open the door to the bathroom quietly and slowly before peaking my head out. The hallway is empty and so I walk out. I mouth "thank you" to Tink and she smiles at me. I leave quickly. I spare a look at her window and see her holding the roses in her hand. I just lean against my bug, hoping she'll turn around. It's as if she can feel my gaze upon her because she turns around suddenly.

Regina looks out over the front yard of the town hall until she finds herself looking at the bug and finally at me. Her mouth parts into an "O" and she glances down at the roses still clasped lightly in her hands. When she looks back up I just smile before waving and getting into my car and leaving.


Regina's P.O.V

I walk into my office after talking with Tink. She seemed oddly suspicious but I just ignore it. She's an... interesting young girl. I take off my coat and hang it up before walking to my desk, absentmindedly sipping at my coffee and looking through my schedule on my phone. I sit down and lock my phone to see roses laying on my desk.

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