Chapter 8 (Continuation of Chapter 7)

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Emma's P.O.V

"Oh." She says. "Your parents couldn't help..." She trails off suddenly and I know she remembers that I was an orphan. We fall into a slightly uncomfortable silence and I don't know what to say.

"I'm sorry Emma. I didn't mean too... I didn't want too..."

"No it's okay. It's not your fault I was abandoned as a baby. I was bounced around from foster home to foster home and as soon as I was eighteen I packed up Henry, thanked my last foster mom for being the best one I've had, and moved into this tiny one bedroom apartment." I tell her and she nods, maybe in admiration, maybe surprise.

"All by yourself? You had no support?" She asks me and I shake my head.

"I was my own support. I got a job waitressing and then I was helping out at the police station. I had a friend who would watch Henry since she had her own siblings to watch."

"You must have been exhausted all the time." Regina comments and I laugh.

"Looking back I'm proud of myself. I know I was constantly overtired and running on adrenaline but it was something I did to be where I am. Now I'm financially stable for the most part and Henry and I have always had what we needed."

"Wow, Emma I had no idea. I mean I knew you were a young single mother but..." Regina shakes her head in wonder and I just blush.

"Oh please people have been in worse situations than me." I wave away her compliment. Before she can respond Henry is back and tugs on my jacket. I point to Regina and he walks over to tug on her jacket.

"Can we get cocoa Gina? My nose is cold." Henry asks, touching a gloved hand to his button nose and Regina nods.

"Sure Henry. Let's go to Granny's." Regina tells him and he starts walking before turning around to make sure we were following. We stand up, neither of us saying a word but I can tell Regina has more questions.

"Cocoa!" Henry cheers once the diner is in sight and we both laugh at his enthusiasm. We walk into the building, the warmth instantly making me smile. I sniffle before pulling out a Kleenex and blowing my nose, hoping I'm not catching a cold. The bell jingles as the door closes behind us and the few people inside at 8:15 at night turn to look at us. I notice Snow and David sitting together in a booth and Snow gives me a curious look. A few others look at us funny but I ignore them but I notice Regina straightened her posture. We take a seat at a booth and I help Henry take off his coat.

"Hey there ladies. What can I do you for?" Ruby asks us and I glance at Regina before look up at Ruby.

"Three hot cocoas with cinnamon please." I tell her and she nods before heading back into the kitchen. Regina awkwardly stares at her hands while Henry happily doodles on a kids menu. I touch Regina's hand and her head snaps up. She shies away from my touch and I feel a pang of rejection resonate through my chest.

"Are you okay?" I ask her and she nods.

"I'm fine."

"You don't seem like it." I tell her and she shrugs.

"Well I am Miss Swan. Drop it." She whispers the last sentence and I do just that. I get up from the booth and go to the register, stopping Ruby before she can make the cocoa.

"Can you put the cocoa in to-go mugs Ruby? We're gonna head home." I tell her, laying down some money as she gets it all ready. She puts them on the counter and I gesture to Regina to join me. She hasn't taken off her coat and it makes it easier for us to get Henry ready and to exit quickly. I hand Regina her drink and hold Henry's so he doesn't take a sip and burn himself. After a few minutes out in the cold I hand Henry his cocoa and let him sip away happily as he walks a few steps ahead of Regina and me. I step closer to her and lean in, trying not to break Henry out of his happy daze.

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