Chapter 23

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Regina's P.O.V

"Get a babysitter for your adorable son and as for your job, I happen to know the mayor." I smirk and she chuckles.

"Well you do drive a hard bargain Miss Mills." She states.

"I am quite the negotiator." I tell her.

"Indeed you are. How about I get back to you?" Emma proposes.

"I'll be awaiting your call." I say quietly. I wait for her to hang up and smile happily.


Emma's P.O.V

As soon as I get off the phone with Regina I call Ruby. I lay in bed, playing with my hair and my phone ringing on speaker. She picks up quickly and I praise her ability to have her phone attached to her hip.

"Emma! How you doing hun?" She asks cheerfully.

"Quite good actually. How are you and baby Rubes?"

"Alive and well. Pretty energized at the moment." She hums happily and I reminisce when I was pregnant with Henry.

"That's good."

"So what do you need?" Ruby asks.

"How is it that you know?" I laugh.

"We may text often but you only call when you need Ruby's services." She teases.

"Fair enough. I'll get straight to it then. Regina called me earlier." I start and she gasps.

"Really? That's awesome Ems!"

"She then proceeded to tell me she was jealous after seeing me with my ex and invited me to go on a trip with her. Out. Of. Town." I tell her and she squeals.

"No damn way! So what do you need me for?"

"She said I should find my son a babysitter." I put out there.

"Of course Graham and I will take Henry. He's perfect for practice for when my lovely kid decides to pop out." Ruby tells me.

"Thank you so much."

"How long?"

"Probably until Sunday. She told me to take the week off." I tell her.

"Holy shit. A week long get away with Miss Perfect? Sounds like your dreams come true." Ruby says and I beam.

"Tell me about it. But it won't be a problem?" I ask, hoping I'm not being a burden.

"Awe Emma. You go and have fun with your girl. You need to relax, enjoy, and get laid."

"Well all right then. I guess it's time to go out and do exactly what you said." I tell her and she laughs.

"I mean, I'm not gay or bi but I can bet she is something else in bed. Like I mean I can tell she has a gorgeous figure but seriously, good for you. Robin doesn't deserve that." She says and I start laughing.

"I'm hoping so Rubes. I mean her personality is golden and I adore everything about her but I can't deny how beautiful she is." I admit.

"Beautiful? Damn, that is the true sign that you are in love with her." I sit up with a start, my mouth wide open.

"I'm not in love with her." I sputter and she scoffs.

"Okay Emma, whatever you say..." She laughs.

"Seriously! I mean we haven't been here long enough for me to fall in love." I state.

"I know you've been hurt Emma but open your eyes. I can see that you care for her a lot more than you realize. You were damn near close to depression after your fight. I didn't know it was her but I knew whatever it was was killing you from the inside." She tells me, her voice sharp but empathetic.

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