Chapter 5

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Regina's P.O.V

Emma: Too late. I'm already driving.

Regina: For one, that's dangerous. Two, you don't know my address

Emma: For one, I'm fine, don't worry about me. Two, it's the big white house on Mifflin Street, Miss Mayor.

I can sense the sarcasm through the text and then I start to panic. I look down at my clothes and run upstairs.

"What am I going to wear?" I mumble as I flip through everything. I find a cashmere sweater and take my t-shirt before pulling on the sweater. The doorbell rings then and I guess I have no choice but to wear my leggings. I walk back downstairs and look in the mirror in the foyer. My hair is a little mussed and I pat it down best I can before swiping on my emergency lipstick I keep at the door. I take a deep breathe and open the door.

Emma's P.O.V

The door opens and I swallow my nerves, hoping I look cool and composed. Regina stands at the threshold of her mansion, her hair and make-up perfect as usual. But instead of the usual pant suit or skirt and blazer, she has on a (no doubt) expensive sweater and a pair of super tight leggings. My mouth suddenly goes dry but I try to make sure she doesn't notice.

"Emma, come on in." She says and steps aside to allow me into her home. The house is warm but a little intimidating as I step in and take off my boots and jacket at the door. She grabs it from me and hangs it in the closet and I make sure my hair looks okay while she's not looking. When she turns to look at me I give her a small smile.

"Follow me. Do you want anything to drink?" She asks, and I try not to stare at her ass while answering. Her leggings are so tight.

"Uh yeah. That would be great." I clear my throat and she glances back at me. I look up at her eyes quickly and she smirks. Oh fuck did she see me checking her out!? I blush bright red and look away, glancing at her home. I pretend to be looking at the decorations until we get to the kitchen.

"Would you like some wine or water or something else?" She asks and I opt for the water, considering the situation. She hands it to me and I down half the glass in one gulp. She raises one perfect eyebrow and I just wave it away.

"So Mayor Mills, tell me why it's so complicated." I tell her and she opens her mouth. No words come out and I wait patiently for an answer.

"It's Robin, isn't it? What's his problem?" I ask her and she nods. I have no idea where my confidence is coming from.

"He wanted me to make it clear that I'm taken and that we only have a professional relationship." Regina tells me.

"I know you're taken. I don't understand why he's gotta be that way. Is it something I did?" I ask her and she shrugs. "What is it?"

"He thinks you like me or something." She mumbles but I catch her words. I'm about to fire off a quick defensive response but then I think it over. Do I like her? No, I can't. I'm straight.

"But I'm straight and so are you. I think your boyfriend is a little paranoid." I laugh and she looks at me with relief and... sadness in her eyes? What's that all about?

"Yeah he definitely is. Which doesn't make sense since I have no friends and no other men asking for my hand." Regina says and I can see she's serious.

"Then what am I?" I ask her and she looks me in the eye.

"Pardon me?" She says.

"If you have no friends, then what am I?" I say with a straight face, completely serious. It's like my mouth works faster than my brain around this stunning woman. Wait, what? Stunning? What's gotten into me?

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