Chapter 18

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Emma's P.O.V

"I want to be with her Henry but she is too afraid to be with me."

"You need to make her not afraid." He shrugs and I laugh humorlessly. He thinks it's that easy.

"Henry it's really not that simple." I say and he gets up and runs out of my room. Out of curiosity I follow him and find him in the living room. He grabs out paper and a crayon and passes them to me.

"What are these for?" I ask him. He grabs my hand and leads me to the table.

"We need to make a list of ways for you to get Gina back." He says, a look of determination on his face. I truly smile for the first time in days and I feel that I can get her back. Robin doesn't deserve her.


Day One of Operation Gina

Henry and I created a list of different ways of me to get Regina back. He wanted to name it so "Operation Gina" became a go. I woke up full of vigor this morning, showering and dressing to the nines. I wore my best jeans and a flowing blouse. Who says a deputy can't look feminine?

I make sure my hair is curled nicely and I wear my best boots as well as throw on a bit of make-up. I drop Henry off at school and grab two coffees from Granny's, one black and one with two cream and four sugars. I drive to town hall and make sure she's in her office before going inside.

"Emma, how are you?" Tiffany asks, her smile just making me happier.

"I'm feeling pretty damn good Tiffany. Can you do me a favour?" I ask her and she nods.

"Emma, call me Tink. But of course! What is it?"

"Give this to Regina once I'm gone." I say, setting down a coffee and setting a note on top.

"Okay." Tink says, giving me a weird look. I go to turn around but pause.

"Oh and don't tell her it was from me."

"Will do Emma." She smiles. I return it and leave quickly. Before getting into my car I glance at her windows. I see her back is against the window and she's looking into her office. I get in my car and drive away.


Regina's P.O.V

It's been eight days since the fight in Emma's apartment and I'm miserable. But I need to get over her. It's clear that Robin is my happy ending and I'll never get to be with her. I don't really want to be with her anyway.

I'm sitting in my office twiddling a pen in between my fingers when I hear voices out in the hallway. One of them is definitely Tink and the other sounds like Emma. It's definitely female but I don't have the energy to get up and check. When the voices fade I get up to go ask Tink but I stop. I feel like I need coffee. The days are just dragging. I lean against the window, feeling the chill against my body through the glass. After a few minutes of silence a knock comes at the door.

"Come in." I call, still leaning against the window. It opens slowly and Tink pops her head in.

"Hey Tink. What do you need?" I ask, welcoming her in. I've been fairly cold this week and I think I've scared her a bit.

"I was bringing this for you." She says, holding a coffee cup up for me to see. A small smile graces my face and I gesture for her to come closer.

"Oh you are my life saver. I really needed coffee." I say and she walks over before handing it to me.

"Well actually it's not from me." She says and I look at her curiously.

"Who's it from?" I have my suspicions but I'm not very sure.

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