Chapter 28

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Emma's P.O.V

"Is there anything else you want me to get?"

"Chips. Also, soda for Henry." She says and I nod.

"Okay! Be back soon. I love you." I tell her and she kisses me softly.

"I love you too." Regina smiles.


Once I'm back Regina gets me to set up tables, set up coolers for drinks, and get plates and cups. Henry is still sleeping when I finish doing what she wants so I go and find her in the kitchen.

"Do you want me to set up speakers for music?" I ask her and she nods, staring at her phone.

"That would be lovely dear." Regina says quietly and I am about to turn away when I glance at her screen.

"What are you looking at?" I ask her, pulling up a chair to sit beside her before I go out and finish up.

"Dresses." She murmurs, blushing a bit. 

"I know it's bad luck to see the bride in her dress before the wedding but I think this one would look really good on you." I point to the screen and squeeze her thigh with my other hand. She nods her head and then glances at the clock. 

"Oh! Everyone is going to be here soon and I haven't changed." Regina says, closing her computer and I laugh.

"You look beautiful right now. You don't need to change." I tell her and she turns around to look at me.

"We're both changing." She declares and grabs on to my wrist before dragging me upstairs. She throws me my favourite pair of jeans and a fancy shirt while pulling down a blue dress for herself. I admire the way the dress hugs her curves and I get dressed when she catches me looking at her.

"You look gorgeous in those pants Emma." Regina winks and I laugh.

"That dress is stunning." I tell her and grab her hand, pulling her to me. She gasps slightly and I pull her in for a long kiss. I run my tongue over her lower lip and she moans slightly when I press my fingertips into her hips. I swear I'm about to rip off that pretty blue dress when the doorbell rings. She pulls away with a smile. 

"Can you get the door? I'm going to touch up my make-up." Regina smiles and I kiss her once more before I go downstairs. I open the door to find Ruby, Graham, and Isabella as well as newlyweds David and Snow, who's about six months pregnant. 

"Hey guys! Come on in!" I welcome them in with a warm smile. I decide to write up a note to put on the door to tell everyone to go straight to the backyard. I get the speaker system set up and get some music going as Tink shows up with a handful of friends. Regina enters the backyard with Henry and I stare at my beautiful fiance as the horizon lights up her olive skin. Henry runs over to Graham and Ruby to get a better look at his "cousin Izzy" and I grab Regina's hand as she joins me on the grass. A few minutes pass before a few men show up with trays of food and Regina directs them over to the table and signs for everything. A few more people trail in over the course of ten minutes and I spot Kathryn Midas walk in. Regina leaves me to go socialize and I see the two of them hug. I'm happy they worked out whatever it was that ripped up their friendship. I decide to join Henry with Ruby and Graham.

"You know you forget how good liquor tastes." Ruby smiles, taking a swig of her cooler. I laugh along with her husband.

"It's a good thing you pumped because Izzie is not going to get any milk straight from you for a week." Graham jokes. I look over at Henry with the baby and notice how happy he looks. He's very gently touching her and I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach. I glance from them to Regina and back again. 

We continue on like this; socializing, greeting guests and enjoying the party for the next hour until I finally find Regina again, on her own. She's just opening up a new cooler and I reach past her to grab a beer. 

"Are you enjoying your party, Regina?" I ask her, my lips right at her ear. She jumps slightly and I spin her around to kiss her quickly.

"Yes, very much so. Do you want to tell everyone now about the engagement?" She whispers the last word.

"Of course I want too! I'm surprised no one noticed the ring." I comment and grab her left hand. When I pull it up and look at it I find that the ring isn't there. 

"Where is the ring?" I ask, my heart speeding up. 

"Relax Emma, I merely left it in our room upstairs so no one would notice it." She whispers. I let out a sigh of relief and she laughs. 

"Put it on and join me on the deck." I tell her and she nods. She goes inside for a moment in order to grab the expensive engagement ring and I walk over to turn the music down and then off. Everyone stops talking and looks over to me on the deck. 

"Just one second, Regina had to run inside." I tell everyone with an embarrassed smile and they laugh. A moment later Regina joins me and grabs my hand with her right. 

"We have something to tell you guys." Regina starts but I'm too impatient.

"We're engaged!" I yell out and everyone starts cheering and clapping. 

"Kiss her!" Ruby cat-calls and I laugh before dipping Regina dramatically. She gasps loudly and when I look into her gorgeous brown eyes her pupils are dilated.

"I love you." I tell her and she smiles like she's high.

"I love you too." She says breathlessly and I bend down and kiss her soundly on the mouth. I hear cheers and when I pull Regina up I look at her so closely. She's so sharp, everything about her is in high definition and the rest of the world is dull. The sun is setting, the air is warm, my friends are surrounding me. I'm so happy and Henry joins Regina and I on stage. He hugs the two of us so tightly and I glance up at Regina. I still get butterflies looking at this woman. This is what feels right.


the end! I wanted it to be simple and perfect and I feel like this was right. 

I'm really sad it's over, but it's been amazing! I absolutely loved posting every week. you guys are amazing and I really appreciate the support you've given me :)

I have another SwanQueen story I will start posting next Tuesday! 

if anyone wants an epilogue then just comment below! but, no epilogue if you guys convince me to write a sequel.... ;)

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