Chapter 7

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Emma's P.O.V

"Do you want us to go now?" I ask her and she puts up her hands.

"No of course not! I just have company coming over tonight." Regina says.

"Company? Let me guess, Robin?" I ask her and she frowns.

"Sorry Emma. I just don't want him to see you here." Regina says, frowning.

"It's okay Regina. But I will get going. Just text me later." I tell her and she smiles.

"Okay, I will."


Later that night I flop down on to the couch, sighing in pleasure of finally getting off my feet. Henry took way too long to get to bed and sometimes it takes a lot to love him. I start to doze off when my phone pings and I get up to grab it out of my jacket. I smile when I see it's Regina and I grab a beer from the fridge before going to back over to the couch. I sit down yoga style and unlock my phone.

Regina: Is it bad I'm texting you while my boyfriend is sitting with me?

Emma: Yep. Terrible. You should be ashamed.

Regina: Oh...

I laugh at her complete obliviousness and shake my head.

Emma: I'm kidding Regina. Relax. You know, for being a politician, you suck at understanding the deeper meaning.

Regina: Oh okay. It's hard to sense sarcasm through texts Miss Swan!

Emma: Miss Swan? Seriously?

Regina: If it bothers you, then yes. Seriously.

I roll my eyes, taking a sip of my drink. This woman is going to kill me.

Emma: Well then Madame Mayor, I see how it is.

Regina: Oh, bringing out the "Madame Mayor", are we?

Emma: You bet. So what brought you to text me?

Regina: We're watching a movie and I frankly am not entertained.

Emma: So picky.

Regina: Oh shush dear. What have you done tonight?

Emma: Wrestled with the kid to get him to bed. It should be a sport to put stubborn children to bed.

Regina: He can't be that bad!

Emma: Oh but he is! He's actually so awful to put to bed but I would be the champion of the "put the kid to bed" tournament

Regina: But he's just so sweet whenever he's around me.

Emma: Because you don't have to give him heck or make him clean his room. You give him chocolate and let him watch cartoons in your fabulous house.

Regina: Well thank you for the house compliment. But I think you're exaggerating.

Emma: Just for that, I'm giving him to you tomorrow night and we'll see how you feel after that.

Regina: Oh are you?

Emma: You bet Madame Mayor. Prepare for a whole night of Henry.

Regina: Will do Miss Swan.


I knock on Regina's door the next night and we wait a few moments before a jean and sweater-wearing Regina opens the door.

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