Chapter 24

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Emma's P.O.V

"Regina, what does this trip mean?" I ask, completely curious as to what this all means.

"It means that I'm done with Robin and that I'm ready to move on. I didn't realize what I was missing in my life until you came around." She tells me, sparing me a heart felt look.

"Finally." I smile.


Regina's P.O.V

I'm driving through the city of Portland, looking for our hotel. We're finally at our destination and I look over to get Emma to help me only to find her asleep. I chuckle quietly and come to the conclusion it makes sense she's been so quiet for the past half hour. I reach over and squeeze her thigh lightly and she just twitches. I do it again and whisper her name. She mumbles something incoherently and I sigh. I turn up the music really loud and hit her. Her eyes fly wide open, her pupils almost fully dilated and the green seemingly gone.

"What happened!?" She screeches and I turn the music back down with a laugh.

"You fell asleep but we're here. I need help looking for the hotel." I tell her.

"Ooh. Where are we?" She asks excitedly. It's only about noon now and after we drop off our stuff I'm planning on taking her to a burger joint she talked about before.

"Portland." I say simply and glance over to see her reaction. Her eyes grow wide and she looks around more closely to her surroundings.

"I haven't been here since..."

"Neal, right?" I fill in the blank. She nods and I notice her wistful expression.

"Yeah." She smiles.

"Okay do you see the Colonial Inn?" I ask her and she helps me locate the hotel. Once checked in we drop our bags off and freshen up quickly.

"I'm starved. Where too?" Emma exclaims.

"The Congress Bar and Grill?" I suggest and she gasps.

"I love that place! Let's go." She smiles.

After a praised lunch Emma and I go to the store to get a few things for the week ahead of us. We go back to the hotel and Emma throws herself on the bed. I put whatever I need to in the fridge and thank the lord I got a suite.

"You must be loaded." Emma says and I laugh.


"You booked a suite for a whole five days. That takes some moolah." Emma smiles and I shrug.

"My parents were very rich and left me a lot of money when they died yes but I've earned a lot of my wealth on my own."

"Oh I don't doubt that." Emma says. We both go quiet and I walk over to the bed. There is only one in the entire room, but I planned it that way. I sit down on the end and unzip my boots slowly. I know she's watching me closely but that's okay.

"Oh for the love of god." She groans and I feel the bed dip before I find her in front of me. She grabs my boots and rips them off before throwing them somewhere in the room. She pushes me back on the bed and crawls over me.

"I've waited long enough for you." Emma growls and I smirk.

"Then let's quit waiting." I say with a low voice and she quickly leans down to capture my lips with her own. Kissing Emma again is like coming home after the worst vacation ever. I lift my hands up to feel her above me. My hands go under her shirt and I feel the softness of her skin over hard muscles. She bites my lip and in response my back arches off the bed and I rake my nails over her skin. She groans low in her throat and I feel the vibrations against me. We end up sitting up and suddenly clothes are being ripped off.

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