Chapter 1

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Regina's P.O.V

"No Tiffany! Tell Mr. Gold I do not want to see him right now and that his business with me can wait!" I say exasperatedly into the intercom.

"Yes Mayor Mills." Tiffany says in a timid voice.

"Thank you." I sigh out and release the button. My head falls into my hands and I give a loud groan. I pick my head out of my hands when I hear the door open.

"Please don't Tiffany. I'm taking my lunch break. Hold my calls and do not put any paperwork on my desk until I get back. Understood?" I look up from my reflection in the glass covering my desk. "Oh sorry Robin. I thought you were Tiffany."

"That much was evident love. Tough day?" He asks as he leans against the door frame. I give him a pained smile before motioning for him to come inside. He does so and closes the door behind him before walking closer to my desk. I nod and shrug.

"Lately I keep wondering why I ever wanted to be mayor." I confess and he gives a small sigh.

"Do you need me to remind you?" He gives me a bit of a cheeky smile and sits down in a chair across from me. I give him a smile.

"Go for it."

"Well, for starters, you wanted more power than Mr. Gold." I nod, not being able to deny that. "You also wanted a bigger house and this fabulous office." 

"I don't even know why I needed to be so selfish. It's not like I share it with anyone." I frown before throwing on a mask. Robin may be my boyfriend but I don't need him to see me so weak. We've been together for about two years now but I it's like my mother always said: love is weakness

"Well I'd be happy to move in." Robin suggests. I grimace slightly.

"Robin, I'm-"

"Just not ready to take it to the next step. I know Regina." Robin sighs quite audibly but I keep my face neutral.

"I'm sorry Robin. I really am. But it's definitely time for me to go to lunch." I push my chair back and grab my coat, pulling it on.

"Would you like me to take you out? My treat?" Robin offers but I shake my head as I round my desk, my heels clicking on the marble floor. I give him a quick kiss on the mouth and my hand reaches up to gently rub away the lipstick that stuck to his lips. 

"Maybe another time. Right now, I just want to be alone." I wait for Robin to leave and he does so without a word. I feel slightly guilty for ditching him but I don't want his sympathy for my sad, lonely life.

I leave my office, closing and locking the door behind me. Luckily there is no one waiting to speak with me and Tiffany is merely reading a book. When the door closes with a click her heard pops up and she looks at me with doe eyes.

"I'm sorry Madame Mayor. It's just that my work is done as of right now and-" I cut her off with a wave of my hand.

"Do save your excuses dear. I don't care right now." My voice is void of emotion and she nods quickly. "I'm going to lunch so hold my calls and do not place any paperwork or notes on my desk until I am back. Understood?" She nods quickly and I run a manicured hand through my short black hair.

"Thank you dear. I'll be back within an hour. Do not test my patience or I might just fire you. I'm in that kind of mood."

"Yes Mayor Mills." She says and I nod once more before making my way out of the town hall. The crisp fall air feels beautiful on my skin and I take a deep breath in. I decide to walk to Granny's Diner and pull out some black leather gloves to cover my already cold hands. My heels click along the pavement as I observe the town I call mine as I walk to the very popular eating place for lunch. Everyone does as they always do in this sleepy town that I grew up in. 

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