Chapter 10

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Regina's P.O.V

"Drink it slowly okay? I don't want you to throw up again." I tell her and proceed to care for her as she slips in and out of consciousness. By the time it hits ten o'clock at night I tuck her in and leave a note about how much medicine she should take and how often as well telling her she has left over soup in the fridge. I tell her to text me with any questions and I can't help but kiss her on the forehead before slipping out the door into the night.


Emma's P.O.V

I wake to the sound of laughter coming from the T.V. and lower the volume. I check my temperature and see it's finally back to normal. I find a note on the table and read it over, smiling at Regina and her organization, as well as her fabulous hand-writing. I take the amount of medicine she instructed even though it makes me gag and I eat the leftover soup in the fridge before getting the heating pad and putting it on my chest along with some Vapo rub. I feel infinitely better and I secretly thank Regina even though I don't remember much of last night.

Bits and pieces are fresh in my memory such as when she gave me ice cream and force fed me medicine like I'm a little kid. Oh and I definitely remember her rubbing Vapo rub into my back. Sometime during the night I felt a feather light kiss on my forehead and I'm certain I didn't imagine it.

I get up from the couch, my living area for the past four days and finally have the energy to shower. I'm surprised Regina didn't run away as soon as she stepped into my apartment. It's both a wreck and somewhat smelly. I'm somewhat smelly. I relish in the warm water and scrub away at my greasy hair, feeling like I'm washing the rest of my illness away. Once I'm out of the shower I make myself some tea with honey for my still sore throat and check my phone. I've got a message from Ruby and Regina.

Ruby: Hey! I was just wondering how you're feeling. Henry misses you! Attached is a photo of Henry and Graham playing with Henry's toy trucks and I smile at my baby boy.

Emma: I feel so much better! I'll be by to pick up Henry at whatever time works for you.

Ruby: How about me meet at the diner right before my shift? Granny likes to spoil Henry with a baked goods while I've got him under my care ;)

Emma: Haha sounds good :) what time does your shift start at?

Ruby: I've got the supper shift so I'll see you at about 4:45?

Emma: See you then!

I save the picture of Graham and Henry to my photo album before checking the message from Regina.

Regina: I do hope I've nursed you back to health Miss Swan.

Emma: Yes you have Madame Mayor. You're a miracle worker.

I start to clean up the house so it's not germ infested and gross for when Henry comes home while I wait for a response. I throw all the blankets and clothes I was using in the washing machine and run hot water in the sink to wash all my dirty dishes laying out. I spray the bathroom with Fabreeze and I wipe down all the counter tops in the entire apartment. I've put stuff in the toilet and set a timer to know when to clean it while I wipe the sink and open all the windows in the entire apartment. I come back to my tea to find it cold and have just put it in the microwave when my phone pings. I walk over to it quickly and pick it up to find a message from Regina. My smile unconsciously grows at her name on my screen.

Regina: Oh please as if I didn't know that already.

Emma: Well well isn't someone sure of them self.

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