Chapter 17

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Emma's P.O.V

"I thought you understood Emma. I thought you cared about me." Regina whispers, a tear rolling down her cheek. I do nothing but stare at her and she does the same.

"I'm done hiding Regina. I wish you could get over yourself." I tell her finally and she glares at me.

"Don't speak to me ever again." She spits before grabbing her shoes and coat and leaves the apartment, slamming the door shut. I fall to my knees once I realize what I've done and start crying, unable to control my emotions. You're an idiot Emma. A big, loud-mouthed idiot.


It's been a week since the fight with Regina and I'm absolutely miserable. I can tell Graham keeps sending me side looks at work but I just ignore him. I don't want to talk to anyone about this. Besides, I can't without ruining Regina's secret. I'd never do that to her. I mean god do I ever want to but there is no way I'd betray her like that. I've already hurt her enough.

Henry has picked up on my mood and avoids me around the house. It pains me even more that I've pushed him away but he keeps asking me about "Gina" and when he'll see her again. When he came downstairs after she stormed out and found me crying he pushed his way on to my lap and hugged me. He didn't bother to ask what was wrong because he knew I wouldn't tell him. At only five years old this kid is smarter than his mother. I mean hell, I'm twenty-three and no genius and yet my kid is wise beyond his years.

"Emma? Can you take this down to town hall please?" Graham asks me quietly, putting a folder on my desk. I just stare at it for a few minutes and he says my name again. 

"Fine." I say quietly, not wanting to upset him. He gives me a sad smile but I just ignore it. I don't have the energy to argue with him. I've been refusing to leave the station during work hours but I need some air. Graham drops the cruiser's keys on my desk but I just walk away from my desk, leaving the keys to sit beside the computer. I put on my toque and gloves after shrugging on my winter coat and leave the building.

Fortunately the air doesn't bite and I'm glad I'm able to walk in order to clear my head. If I'm going to have to see that woman I need to think clearly. I happily endure the winter chill, and it reminds me that Christmas is coming soon. Henry hasn't said much about it but I've seen the commercials on T.V. and I've seen the missing pictures from the catalogs that show up at the door.

When the town hall comes into sight my footsteps stumble slightly and I stop where I am. A few people walking on the street give me strange looks but I don't pay them any attention. I take a deep breath in before I walk up the pathway to the door and enter. I take off all my winter gear, finding the temperature inside the building quite warm. I walk up the stairs slowly, finding that the closer I get the more my chest constricts. I see Tiffany at her desk and when she looks up she gives me a warm smile.

"Emma! It's nice to see you." Tiffany says and I nod, tight-lipped.

"You too." I say quietly.

"Are you here to see Mayor Mills?" She asks and I quickly shake my head.

"I'm just here to drop this off." I tell her and she gives me an odd look. I usually go in to give Regina her papers so I know she must be confused.

"Oh okay. I guess I'll just give them to her myself?" Tiffany suggests and I nod.

"Thanks." I say sincerely and hand her the papers. But my luck sucks and before I've even taken a step away from Tiffany, Regina's door opens. I snap my head up as she walks out of her office and I'm frozen to the spot. She doesn't notice me until she turns around and when she does she stops mid-stride. Her beautiful brown eyes widen and her lips part.

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