Chapter 12

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Regina's P.O.V

"Need some help with your coat m'lady?" Emma jokes, grabbing my coat from the hook. I slip on my shoes and look at her with a smile. 

"That would be lovely, thank you." I joke back and she helps me put on my coat. She gets up on her tippy-toes to kiss me once more.

"Goodnight Regina." She says quietly.

"Goodnight Emma. I'll text you tomorrow." I tell her and she smiles happily before I open the door and leave with a smile on my face. 

Emma's P.O.V

I'm sure Regina had been gone for a few minutes but I didn't move until I heard Henry's voice calling for me.

"Momma! Can you come upstairs!?" He calls, getting louder getting louder with every single word.

"I'm coming!" I yell back and he stops screaming for me. I go and get a cup of milk for him to drink before I get him to put on his pajamas and put him to bed. I walk to his bedroom and stop to look at him.

"Momma! Look what I built!" Henry exclaims happily and I look in wonderment at his creation.

"Wow Henry. This is incredible." I say, slightly breathless. His wooden building blocks have been built into a huge castle, big enough to support his action figures. He even has a princess sitting in one of the towers.

"Thanks! I was playing with them while you and Gina were talking downstairs." He tells me and then he notices the cup in my hand. "Is it bedtime?"

"Yeah it is. Sorry buddy. I don't want to ruin your fun but we don't want to be tired tomorrow when it's Henry's day to choose everything, right?" I ask him and he nods. He gets up and puts on his pajamas and then drinks his milk before going to the bathroom and joining me back in his bedroom.

"Momma? Can you read me a story from my book?" He asks quietly, yawning as he crawls into bed.

"Of course kid. Which one would you like to hear about?" I ask as I tuck him in and hand him his blanket before grabbing the now treasured book from Snow.

"The one about the queen and the prince and Snow White." He rambles, yawning again. Well this'll be easy. He's already wiped out.

"Alrighty." I tell him, flipping to the book mark. "Once upon a time..."


I'm laying in bed the next morning, slightly awake but not quite when a warm body slips under the blankets and burrows into my side. I turn towards him and lay an arm over his side, pulling him closer. His head pops out of the blanket so he can breathe but he stays right where he is, the only movement from him is his chest moving and his hands grabbing on to my shirt. We lay there for a few minutes until I feel him stirring.

"Good morning Henry." I say quietly, ruffling his hair softly. His green eyes look up into mine and he smiles.

"Morning momma." He says. I kiss his forehead and he kisses my cheek. I smile at him and his little displays of affection. 

"Mom?" He says and I look back down at him. 

"Yes Henry?"

"Do you like Gina?" He asks and I look at him with slightly narrowed eyes.

"Well yeah Hen. She's my friend." I tell him and he shakes his head.

"Do you like Gina like how Ruby likes Graham?" He asks and I bite my lip, unsure of what to say. I decide to go for it anyway. Henry is my son and if he's been exposed to homophobia I'll let him know that liking someone of the same gender is okay.

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