Chapter 15

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Emma: Oh yes. So back on to the fact I'm laying naked in my bed right this second. All I can think about is you.

Regina: Emma just stop. I'm not going to answer you anymore. Goodnight dear.

Emma: Oh come on Regina. Why are you so stubborn?



Oh fine goodnight then.

Regina's P.O.V

A few days later I walk into my office and Tink walks in behind me, her arms laden with paperwork. I take off my jacket and hang it up as she places everything on my desk. She leaves and then comes back as I walk over to my desk. As soon as I sit down a cup of coffee is handed to me and I take a sip, letting it wake me up.

"Thank you Tink that will be all." I tell her as I start on the first file about complaints with roads and whatnot. Tink leaves without a word and doesn't come back until an hour later when she knocks on the door.

"Yes?" I ask, not bothering to look up. Being a typical Monday I feel as if I'm drowning. If this is how much paper a small town has I couldn't imagine running a large city.

"You have a package." Tink says and at this I look up.

"Come in." I tell her and she closes the door behind her as she comes into my office. In her hands is a small brown box with a simple cream coloured ribbon tied into a bow on it. She places it on my desk and I pick it up, shaking it lightly.

"Do you know who it's from?" She asks out of child-like curiousity.

"No I do not. Who brought it in?" I ask her and she just shrugs.

"Some kid brought it. Said they couldn't say who gave it to them." Tink comments and I can't help but open it. I pull on the bow and the ribbon comes undone. I'm about to take off the lid when I glance up at Tink with a pointed look.

"Right! I'll be at my desk." She says and rushes out of my office.

I take the lid off the heart-sized box and peer inside, finding a note and a plush jewelry box. I take the note out first and open up the plain white paper, finding messy black penmanship.

Regina, just because you managed you take my heart.

It's not signed but I'm sure that's not a mistake. I place the note on my desk and take out the little box, cracking open the lid. A small gasp leaves my lips when I see what's inside. It's a red and dark red heart necklace that's covered in lines of silver studded with diamonds. I can't imagine how much it's cost the person who sent this to me. I immediately put it on, happy I wore a black and white outfit today. I pull out my phone and dial, putting the phone to my ear and hoping they pick up.

"This is Deputy Swan. How can I help you?" Emma's voice comes through the speaker and I smile.

"I've received a package at my office but I do not know who sent it to me."

"Would you like me to find the perp, Mayor Mills?"

"That would be just the thing I was hoping for."

"How would it work for you if I brought them in at lunch?" She asks and I finger the necklace.

"Just perfect. See you then Miss Swan." I tell her and hang up, getting back to work. A knock comes at my door and I check the time, just noticing it's around 12:30.

"Come in." I call and Tink pokes her head in.

"The deputy is here to see you Mayor Mills." Tink tells me with a curious look on her face. I keep my face neutral and nod my head.

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