Chapter 27

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Regina's P.O.V

"This is the sheriff's station, how can we help you?" Graham's voice comes through the phone.

"Hi, this is Regina Mills. I was just assaulted."


Emma's P.O.V 

I watch Graham as he talks on the phone in his office, his face pulled into a deep frown. After a few minutes he puts the phone down and comes out of his office.

"It's Regina." He says and my heart drops.

"What happened?" I ask, getting to my feet right away. 

"She said Robin assaulted her. You go to her office, talk to her, ask questions. I'm going to look for Robin." Graham informs me and I nod quickly. He tosses me a pair of keys and I immediately go out to the vehicle and start driving. I'm lucky that the station is close to town hall and I get there soon. I'm almost out of the vehicle before it's even off and I run inside. Tink is sitting at her desk and looks alarmed when I come clomping up the steps. 

"Emma are you- Wait she said no one is allowed in without permission!" She exclaims and I round on her.

"I don't care!" I almost scream. Tink's eyes go wide and I run in there, my adrenaline spiked.

"What did that asshole do to you?" I ask loudly, my eyes searching for Regina. I spot her laying on the couch, her heels laying on the ground and her blazer thrown over a chair beside the table. This damn office must be her second home. 

"Emma, I'm okay." Her voice says quietly and I move to sit on the ground beside her. 

"He hurt you." I whisper and she looks over at me, her eyes glassy. The red mark on her cheek makes anger bubble inside me. 

"But at least it's over. There is nothing left between me and that hateful man." She tells me with a sad smile. 

"Are you sure you don't want to see a doctor?" I ask her and she chuckles.

"Emma, I'm serious. I'm fine." She says and I sigh. "Emma."

I look up at her with a frown. "What?"

"He slapped me and he shoved me against the wall and he grabbed my arms with malice but there is nothing I need more than you." Regina informs me and I tear up a bit. 

"Okay." I give her a watery smile and she reaches out to touch my cheek.

"Now kiss me, you idiot." She smirks and I do as the lady asks.


A few hours later Graham finds the two of us cuddled up on her couch sharing childhood stories.

"We got Robin and he's in custody. Regina, are you okay?" He asks and she nods.

"Yeah. I just want him locked up." She states. 

"Emma, did you get the facts and statements from Miss Mills?" Graham asks and I nod. 

"Here." I say simply, tossing my notebook at him. He rolls his eyes and looks through what I've put down.

"Well thank you. Regina, I hope you feel better." Graham says and then leaves. 

"Let's stay in tonight, have a romantic dinner plus the kid and then I can make you forget you ever were with that awful man." I propose to Regina and she nods, squeezing my hand.

"I love you." She says quietly.

"I love you too." I tell her and kiss her head.


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