Chapter 2

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Regina's P.O.V

I mindlessly flip through the channels before finally deciding to watch some random reality tv show. All the while, all I can think of is Miss Emma Swan, with her long blonde hair pulled back into a casual ponytail and her bright green eyes staring lovingly at her son. Her son. She's so young.

Then I hope I can see her again soon before I go to bed and dream of something other than my constant routine.

As the weeks pass by, I see Emma walk past the town hall to the elementary school every week day and to the diner every weekend morning. She showed up at my office door about a week after coming to town.

Flashback to 4 weeks ago...

A knock comes at the door and I look up, setting my pen down.

"Come in." I call out, pushing the papers away momentarily. Tiffany pops her head in and I motion for her to step inside.

"Emma Swan is here to see you but she said she doesn't have an appointment. Should I send her away?" Tiffany asks me. I smile at the mention of the shy blonde woman and shake my head at Tiffany's question.

"No it's quite alright dear. Send her in." I tell her and she nods before leaving. Emma comes in slowly. She gazes around the large black and white decorated room before her eyes land on me.

"Hey Mayor Mills. How ya doin'?" Emma asks, her slang making me smile a bit.

"Well. And yourself?" I ask her and stand up from my desk. I walk around to the front of it and sit on the edge, my skirt sliding up my thighs a bit.

"I've been good." Emma says, clearing her throat as I watch her eyes slide to and then away from my legs. A short silence falls before I clear my throat.

"You can come sit down if you wish. Do you want anything to drink?" I tell her and gesture to the couches and to the chairs in front of my desk. She goes over and sits down on the couch as she answers me.

"No thanks. I just needed someone to talk too." Emma admits and blushes. I smile at her back and join her on the couch after grabbing my water from my desk.

"What about?"

"Oh just everything over the past week I guess." Emma shrugs and I nod for her to continue. "Well first of all, I found an apartment for Henry and I. It's in the same building as Henry's teacher, Mary Margaret."

"Ah yes, Miss Blanchard. Do you like the apartment or do you want me to find something better for you?" I offer and then wonder what the hell I'm doing.

"No no don't worry yourself. I really like it and so does Henry. We couldn't get a place until it got the Henry Stamp of Approval." Emma chuckled and I gave a small laugh.

"How's he adjusting?"

"Very well actually! He loves Mary Margaret and the kids at school so I'm really happy it's working out for him. I really like this town and I'm glad he loves it." Emma tells me and I smile warmly at the indirect compliment.

"Well I'm glad you like it. But as much as I enjoy your company, why are you here today?" I ask, getting straight to the point. I like the blonde but being mayor I still have plenty of paperwork to do.

"I need your help." Emma confesses.


"A job. There really aren't any job offers around and the ones that are around, I'm not really fond of." Emma chuckles and I nod my head knowingly.

"Well Miss Swan, I believe we have an open spot in our police station as deputy. Do you have any experience with that area of expertise?"

"Actually yes! I always wanted to be a police officer when I was in high school but then after Henry I couldn't really go to the academy." Emma gives a sad look and I nod for her to continue. "So technically I never worked in the force but I did work as a secretary and call response person when we still lived in Boston."

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