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intoxicated//OUAT (COMPLETED) by weonlytellstories
intoxicated//OUAT (COMPLETED)by cat
Emma gets drunk and Regina has to bring her back home. But Emma isn't about to give up without a fight. Contains coarse language. I do not own any of these characters.
Something Right (SwanQueen AU) (GirlxGirl) by The_QueenHaylee
Something Right (SwanQueen AU) (Gi...by Haylee {21}
Regina Mills: a 28 year old successful business woman with everything she needs. A boyfriend, money, and parents who had pushed her to be the best. Emma Swan: a hard-wor...
In love with my teacher {Swan Queen} by swensexual
In love with my teacher {Swan Quee...by Milena✌
Teacher/Student fanfic Cover picture cred: Emma&Tilda
The Divine Lament (Swan Queen) by luciensol
The Divine Lament (Swan Queen)by luciensol
A visitor comes to Storybrooke and suddenly everyone's lives are changed. Could this mysterious man be a blessing or their eventual downfall? Takes place after the Seaso...
Baby Bump (swanqueen) by fancy_garfield
Baby Bump (swanqueen)by I Fancy A Fine Fabric 🪐💫
Keeping secrets in Storybrooke is never easy and Emma and Regina have been keeping a big one... unfortunately, this secret has a due date. *SwanQueen *Fluff I do not ow...
The Love I Crave by Flossie08
The Love I Craveby Flossie08
Emma Swan, 17, a trouble maker who had made a name for herself at school as the "kid with no hope" everyone had given up on her, even Emma had given up on hers...
The Girl I spilled Beer on by _evil_pitit_
The Girl I spilled Beer onby Pitit
SwanQueen Christmas One-Shot. Every year on Christmas eve, the king and queen of the White kingdom give a huge ball to show equality to the kingdom and everyone is invit...
Something About Us by AnyShowWithaRainbow
Something About Usby AnyShowWithaRainbow
Regina goes to Gold for help with her 'Emma' problem. He denies her...or does he? Will Regina be able to accept her heart's truest desire? This story follows OUAT throug...
Help Me Forget by bailey1017
Help Me Forgetby bailey1017
This story is based on a prompt I found a while ago, and I'll tell you what it is at the end so there are no spoilers :) As always I don't own OUAT, so all the things I...
Unexpected Soulmate by bakudekuaddiction666
Unexpected Soulmateby Never said that~
I don't own the cover art or the characters. The only thing I own is the storyline. All character rights to the creators of Once Upon A Time.
Teacher of my dreams by flossiegalpower
Teacher of my dreamsby flossiegalpower
Regina Mills abides by her uncaring mother's harsh command and when her Mother informs her she's going to an all boarden school to flaten her mopey attitude Regina is ab...
Lilac Swan Mills! by JessicaSongAQ
Lilac Swan Mills!by D4rkSw4nQueen
Regina and Emma had a baby girl. Their magic was incredibly strong. However, something happened. Causing both of them to forget they had a little girl. Along with the...
Keeping A Secret  by McKenzeyVanEtten
Keeping A Secret by McKenzey VanEtten
Regina is a princess who lives in the Enchanted Forest where her mother is bringing in suitor after suitor. When her mother has finally chosen one, what will happen wh...
Welcome to Storybrooke High by CA_Dawn0
Welcome to Storybrooke Highby GG_Stan025
Emma and Regina go to the same high school. A magical high school. Regina is the rich, bad girl; her dark magic is powerful and everyone is afraid of her. Emma is the pr...
Princess Emma by noreenmaria
Princess Emmaby Nor ☀️
A young princess finds herself in an unknown land called Maine. She has no memory of how she got there, but all she knows is a stubborn brunette with one hell of a swin...
Sometimes by bailey1017
Sometimesby bailey1017
Just a quick one-shot I came up with. I don't own OUAT, and all mistakes are mine. Enjoy!
No Place To Call Home (s.q.) by mrshotchnerrr
No Place To Call Home (s.q.)by d.
17 year old Emma Swan is running away from her adoptive parents, no idea where she's going, driving a stolen car. She drives into the small town Storybrooke, a run in wi...
SwanQueen by queenparrilla27
SwanQueenby queenparrilla27
She is new in town, she is trying to take my son away how could I love this women?
Diner Dates by reginamariaparrilla
Diner Datesby reginamariaparrilla
Emma Swan moved to Storybrooke a month ago and works at Granny's diner. One day when she's running late for work, she meets a beautiful brunette who turns out to be the...
SwanQueen: A Thousand Years by ReginaSwanRegalMills
SwanQueen: A Thousand Yearsby ReginasLittleHelper
Emma Swan and Regina Mills are two total different people. When Emma moves into this new town called Storybrooke, has this been what she has wanted all her life?