Chapter 13

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Emma's P.O.V

"Who was that guy?" 

"My boyfriend Robin."

"Boyfriend? But don't you like Momma like she likes you?" Henry asks and my eyes widen as Regina turns to look at me with an interesting look on her face.

"Your momma and I haven't really talked about that Henry. But right now, I'm with Robin. Does that make sense to you?" She asks and I look at him curiously. His brow is furrowed in thought and he stays like that for a few moments before looking back up at Regina.

"Yeah. I guess so." He shrugs before going back to colouring his place-mat. 

"We need to talk." Regina tells me, mimicking Robin's words.

"What about?" I ask innocently and she scowls at me.

"Very funny Emma. Can I come over tonight?" She asks quietly and I hesitate.

"What about Robin?" I ask her and she is about to answer when Ruby brings out our food. We wait politely for her to place the dishes and leave before she answers me.

"I'll come over after dinner. Apparently we need to talk." She smirks. I glare at her before glancing down at Henry who's devouring his food.

"He has a big mouth." I roll my eyes and she laughs.

"I find him extremely helpful. Very telling." She says formally and I mock her playfully. 

"Oh I'm sure you love it." I say sarcastically.


Regina's P.O.V

I finish up dinner just as the bell rings and I place it in the oven to keep it warm. Knowing Robin he'll ring the bell again simply because "I take too long to open the door". I'm in the foyer when the bell is rung again and I roll my eyes. When I grab the door handle I pause, the idea of breaking up with him playing in my mind. I pull away, wondering if it's what I should do, what I need.

"Regina!" I hear through the door and it snaps me out of my thoughts. I pull open the door with a smile on my face and he looks a little grim. A get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach but I invite him in.

"Dinner is ready so we can head right on into the kitchen." I tell him and he follows me silently. The tension is thick between us as I take the food out of the oven and he pulls out some plates and cutlery.

"If you want you can get a bottle of wine from the fridge. You remember where the wine glasses are?" I ask him.

"Yes I do. I will grab that." He says stiffly and I nod, putting everything on the table. I hear him pull out the cork on the bottle and he pours us both a glass before bringing it over to me. We both sit down and start to spoon food on to our plates. We begin eating, the silence filling my kitchen. I start to feel like I'm choking on it until I sharply set down my fork.

"Can you please say something?" I spit out and his eyebrows raise.

"All right I see we're getting straight to it then." He says awkwardly, setting down his own cutlery and taking a sip of wine. 

"Yes. You are clearly mad at me for some reason." I say and he opens his mouth in what I assume is surprise.

"For some reason? Regina I asked you to stop hanging out with Emma. She very clearly likes you more than a friend and I don't want you to give her the wrong impression." He says and I remember him saying something very similar a few weeks ago in my office.

"And as much as I understand what you're saying, you can't control who I hang out with. Emma is my friend. In case you haven't noticed, I don't have very many." I say sadly, realizing how lonely I am. 

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