When The Nights Get Long

When The Nights Get Long

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I know using they/them as pronouns seems a little threatening, but there are a lot of people who use it as their pronouns, and this is for them. But the book is written in a clear way where you won't get confused. So please give it a read. Everyone does for your books. 


Blue. A fitting name for the gender neutral pianist of a punk rock band. A name that expresses the amount of guilt that weighs one down, as well as the depression sinking one's heart. But blue is a beautiful color, one of clear skies and shining water. Just like the person, the color Blue is a lot of things.

Many years ago, Blue's parents died in a car crash, resulting in their older brother Luke to raise them with the help of his best friend, Andrew. Andrew had always been accepting of Blue, making sure they always felt safe in his presence. Of course, they always assumed he was merely playing nice due to the fact he was in love with Luke.

When Blue's grades begin to falter, Andrew agrees to help tutor them, bringing them closer together. Through their friendship, he helps them learn how to deal with life as the nights get long and how to begin to ask for what they want without guilt, even if it means wanting to be with him.

*This book is inspired by the anime Junjou Romantica, though it is far more appropriate than that anime, so you will notice some correlation. I hope you enjoy!